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Five Good Things... April

I can't quite believe that we have almost entered the fifth month of the year already!

For me, time is passing by far too quickly, but having said that, when the warmer seasons of spring and summer arrive I welcome them with open arms
(even though it is pouring down with rain outside as I write this).

With it nearly being over, here are Five Good Things that I particularly enjoyed about April.

Five good things that really stood out for me this April month 2018.

Reading More:
If you scanned through my Reserve at the Library... My Favourite Authors post last year then you might remember about me mentioning how I don't get through many books now like I used to. I do try to have a book on the go however, even if it takes me six months to read the whole thing.

My current selection is 'The Creakers', which is written by Tom Fletcher of my favourite band McFly. As well as being an insanely talented musician his writing skills are also incredible. I would recommend getting a copy of this release or his 2017 festive publication of 'The Christmasaurus'. Both are engrossing stories and the printed versions also include multiple creative drawings by illustrator Shane Devries.

Hello Spring:
Like I am sure most of the British population does, I feel far better when the sun makes an appearance, the flowers begin to flourish and the sound of birds chirping can be faintly heard.

Another perk to the rise in temperature is being able to part with my coat so you can actually see the outfit that I am wearing underneath. 

I will almost always go for a walk every day, but often avoid going out if it is raining. Living in the countryside there are a variety of different routes that you can take and in April I took advantage of this more with the muddy fields being dry. As well as a frog sat beside a worm! I was met with a lot of stunning scenic views, some of which I just had to whip out my phone to take photo's of.

At the moment I am currently unemployed (more on that in an upcoming post). As well drafting together a few ideas for future posts I have been helping out at a couple of charities on various occasions recently.

These include at a diner that provides a hot meal, pudding and drinks to people with a low or no income, and the more established Sue Ryder, where I have been assisting with pricing stock in one of their charity shops nearby. The money raised from this cause goes towards supporting those who are diagnosed with life-changing medical illnesses. 

If you can spare even sixty minutes a week, I would encourage voluntary work. Your involvement will not only be making a difference, but you will also get to interact with different personalities and maybe gain some new friends too.

Free hot Drink & Cake Anyone?
It has been quite some time now that shop retailer 'John Lewis' have been treating my mother and I to a free hot drink and a piece of cake in their in-store cafe. We registered online years ago and every three months on average get posted a voucher each to redeem against these two choices.

With each visit I get excited thinking about what tempting flavours of cake they will have available on the day. My typical order is a big (and yes it is!) slice of either chocolate or carrot cake, plus a hot chocolate with very little milk.

My nan accompanied me this April to the cafe instead of my mum. She has a busier social life than I do, so it was really pleasant catching up whilst tucking into some tasty delights. Whilst she ordered a hot meal of meat and vegetable pie (which was huuuuge), chips and peas, I settled on the Victoria Sponge cake, which had an iced surface with some edible strawberry details and a filling of jam with buttercream.

McDonald's Magnificence:
Yes, whilst we are on the subject of food, I feel like I have spoken about the food and drink chain of McDonald's more in the past month than what I normally do throughout the whole year. This is because my parents and I have won numerous prizes through their Monopoly game. My mum and dad rarely get a burger, but did so recently, and we all appreciate the quality of their ice cream products.

It is very simple to play with it being that all you have to do is purchase a certain food or drink item in-store or through a drive-through of McDonald's and peel off the promotional sticker that should be stuck to the packaging. You will then be able to see if you have won an instant prize. I did and could choose between small fries or a milkshake, and being that I love these liquid choices I opted for the drink in the chocolate flavour.

There are other ways to play and more prizes of another kind to win. Although this promotion ends on the 1st of May 2018 I am sure that it will be back again. More information about this deal can be found here on their official website:

What good things have happened to you this April?
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