Saturday, 17 March 2018

Five Blogs That I Continue to Read

Every blogger deserves credit.

No matter whether they are new to the world of blogging or have been tapping away at their keyboard posting for years.

Some bloggers post daily, other weekly, or like myself - less often. Again, nobody should be judged on whether they have a posting schedule or not and instead actually be praised for their effort to write and share publicly in the first place.

As long as what is being published isn't offensive, expressing ourselves through our writing on one subject or more should be celebrated.

Here are five blogs that I continue to read ever since I first stumbled across them on the World Wide Web.

 Blogging goes way beyond just swinging a few words together to form a sentence.
For instance, a lot of us choose to take our own content photos, then there is the all-important matter of SEO (Unless you are dealing with websites please don't worry about knowing what this means) and the list goes on.

With all of this in mind I thought that I would show my appreciation for five blogs that I continue to read ever since I first stumbled across them on the World Wide Web.
This blog is named after the owner Victoria's two adopted pugs, so as you would expect these endearing doggy sisters show up every now and again in her posts.

Even though I don't know this Leeds located blogger personally she is the type of individual that I would like to meet with for a chat over a warm drink and a large cookie. You only have to take a single scroll through her blogs first page to see why that is.

As well as book reviews, inspirational quotes, cheerful snaps, and places she has journeyed to this 32-year-old documents about her ups and downs whilst recovering from glandular fever and chronic fatigue syndrome. Having had my own personal battle with health problems, which are still ongoing, she is definitely someone I can relate to.  

'"Ice Cream" whispers Clara':
It was the comment that Elizabeth left on my My Straightforward Guide for Entering Competitions post back in May that made me aware of her online presence. I am so glad that she left those sweet words as I would still be missing out on all of her enchanting photos and the intriguing subjects that she pairs with them.

Along with homeware and fashion wish lists, recipe ideas, beauty product reviews and Elizabeth's latest cute buys, there are some features on her little son and their family outdoor adventures together too.

Victoria's Vintage:
I have spoken about Victoria's delightful lifestyle blog before in my It's Simple Really!... Me, Myself and I: From A-Z post and I can't remember how I initially found her page, but after that one visit I just kept returning. This is because the diversity of what she chooses to write about is superb.

In the past Victoria has published posts on her travels, homemade bakes, shopping hauls, competition wins and eatery outings. You are sure to see a few on her two furry cats Merlin and Marshall as well.

We are both fans of turning something drab into fab and also saving the pennies instead of splurging out the dosh when making new purchases.

From Roses:
An array of beautiful images are what you will instantly be greeted with upon entering this captivating homepage of Rebecca's.

There is definitely something to gain the interest of every female human being teenage years and upwards here. Whether its make-up or outfit advice, interior solutions or, my particular favourite, her 'personal' posts that offer guidance on extremely important subjects like mental health, Rebecca has an amazing talent for writing about it honestly.

She is open about her own life battles, of many I have experienced, and with that I thank her for sharing.

Milk Bubble Tea:
Incredible dessert creations, blossoming flowers, scenic locations, fresh beauty product releases and new homeware additions are all of what Becky captures gorgeous images of through her camera lens and then comments on, and plenty more.

Whilst admiring her remarkable collection don't forget to look out for her miniature dachshund, he's a charmer.
 Which blogs do you continue to read?
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