Thursday, 29 March 2018

Eggcellent Ways to get Involved With the Easter Joy

Like Christmas I think that the general meaning of Easter is overlooked by many.

From playing out festive tunes to putting up the tree decorations, there are tons of things that you can do around the annual December day, but quite a few of us either don't bother or have not a clue of what to do around Easter time.

There are, in fact, lots of ways that you can get involved in celebrating this important Christian festival other than devouring chocolate after chocolate.

Here I have put together a small list of eggcellent things suitable for all ages to take part in this Easter holiday.

Here I have put together a small list of 'eggcellent' things suitable for all ages to take part in this Easter holiday.
Plus, they are either free or cost under £5.

  • Reach for the craft supplies and get your creative juices flowing by making Easter-themed cards, for instance. Poundland's current crafts stock will give you further ideas of items to make.
  • Exchange a pricey trip to the cinema for an Easter-related DVD to watch at home such as 'Rise of the Guardians' or, a personal favourite of mine, 'Hop'. Pick up enough popcorn and sweets to go around and you're all set for an entertaining film directly from the sofa.
  • Attend an Easter service at your local church. This one is very simple and usually free, although on occasions you might be expected to put forward a small amount as a charity donation.
  • Plan an Easter egg hunt in your very own back garden. Simply hide some chocolate goodies around the area, then, host a quiz where the answers to the questions asked will indicate as to where they can be found.
  • Do a website search of shops nearby that might be holding some Easter activities in-store. For example, the Waterstones bookstore closest to me is advertising four free events.
  • Have you heard?! McDonald's are relaunching their yummy McFlurry Cadbury Creme Egg and Cadbury Caramel flavours. Don't miss out as these are for a limited time only!    

I do hope that you like the bunny illustration shown above.
It was sketched and painted by me.

What is your typical Easter like?
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