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I've Got My Ticket... The Band - The Musical

Like many of the female population you will find plenty of CDs in my collection that are by boy bands, with Take That being among them.

I don't own each and every one of their album releases, its more like two, but from those couple of albums combined with what live footage I have seen of the group my opinion on them remains a very good one indeed.  
 With their ever growing legion of fans it is absolutely no surprise at all that their countless of hit songs have been worked into a brand new musical, of which is about to travel the UK, all before it graces a stage in London's West End.

Everything you need to know about The Band musical and my overall star rating.
Show Name: The Band
Venue: The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury
Performance Dates: Tuesday 20th February – Saturday 3rd March 2018
Starring: Rachel Lumberg, Alison Fitzjohn, Emily Joyce, Jayne McKenna,
AJ Bentley, Nick Carsberg, Curtis T Johns, Yazdan Qafouri, Sario Solomon
Written by: Tim Firth
 Directed by: Jack Ryder
Choreographed by: Kim Gavin

Brief Information:
'The Band' follows the story of five teenage female friends in the year of 1992 who all have a major thing in common with each other - their love for the same celebrity boy band.

Now in the future, it’s been twenty-five years since the girls, who are today mature women, last met. Things have obviously changed, however the appreciation that they all shared for their musical heroes remains equally, if not more, as strong as before.

Finally together again after such a long period apart, it may be the last opportunity that the friends get to make their dreams of meeting the male personalities who had such a significant impact on their lives come true, which they are not going to let pass by.

Prior to the show:
I have had the advertisement page for this brand new show turned over at the edge ever since I first spotted it last year in my local theaters brochure, silently hoping that an invitation would be emailed my way (which it was - Yippee!).

Having spent a lot of time being a dedicated fan of fellow man band McFly, the plot captured my attention instantly and it was something that I knew I would most probably be able to relate to in multiple ways.

The winners of the 2017 BBC One television show 'Let It Shine' where original member Gary Barlow was a judge, were presented as having a vital role in this production. Known as 'Five to Five', they would be performing some of Take That's famed songs. In all honesty I had only tuned in to the programme on a couple of occasions after it first launched, so the quality of their vocals was something I had little knowledge of.

What did you like?
The leading female's undying love for their favourite pin-ups truly came across, as youngsters and in the present year. In the opening scene two of the teenage girls were not afraid to flaunt their passion in the corridors of their school, which had the audience roaring with laughter, as did further more comical moments.

I didn't expect as much singing from the female roles, but it was a great addition alongside the bands harmonious vocals, of whom had an impressive three changes of outfit in a single concert scene.

The inclusion of both old and new Take That songs was something I valued. A rendition of 'Never Forget' prompted the audience to join in with the recognised hand movements to this particular track. Plus knowing that Gary, Mark, Robbie and Howard have been officially involved with the creation of this production made it even more appealing for me.

I have never seen Take That in concert before, but this live experience gave me a bit of a taste to what attending a tour date of the real thing might actually entail. Not only that, but the small cast brought such vibrancy to this production that I could easily imagine being made into a blockbuster film... Watch this space.

Even if you are not a big Take That fan, you will be glad that you went to watch this new musical - I know that I am.

What would you change?
The unfortunate death of a vital character in the first half was saddening. Especially when before this incident there had been such a positive vibe.

My star rating out of five: 

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