Tuesday, 19 September 2017

On the Menu Today... Toasties and What to Fill Them With

You won't often find me slaving over a hot stove in our household (burning myself is the best excuse I have for the reason as to why), but that doesn't mean to say that I don't like to rustle up something yummy for my afternoon lunch.

Now, I am not much of a bread lover (although I do take pleasure in sharing a garlic baguette with two out of the seven of my evening meals), but occasionally I will reach for the sliced loaf. And, when I do, although appetising, your bog-standard tuna mayonnaise sandwich is rarely what I prepare.

Yummy toastie ideas and how to make them.My suggestion for lunchtime is a toastie!
Two slices of warm, toasted bread packed with anything you decide to spread inside and then sealed together, all ready to then be demolished.

This creation is rightly categorised under the 'comfort food' term I'd say, which is needed at times, but even more so when it is absolutely freeezing (chatters teeth) outside.
Plus, it is very straightforward to make - Here's how... 

A sandwich toaster or a toaster and a microwave (when cheese is involved).
The sandwich toaster is definitely a better option in my opinion as it actually provides a sealed finish on the bread.

1.) Using the sandwich toaster is a much easier method as all you need to do is grab your two slices of bread, add your topping(s), place together and then pop into the sandwich toaster for roughly a minute (depending on your appliances heat level). Then, flip over to toast the other side for around the same amount of time, slice in half and you're done.

2.) If you opt for using a normal toaster, toast your bread before adding any toppings. It will look almost the same as the above method, but obviously your bread just won't have the sealed finish.

3.) Now, when I make a toastie that involves cheese as my topping selection I like to melt the cheese before I toast the bread so that I can spread it across to cover the entire slice. I do this by popping one piece of bread topped with a cheese slice (think burgers in buns) into the microwave (mine is 700w) and then warm up on medium heat for around 30 seconds, sometimes a tiny bit longer. 

It is exactly the same steps when using a normal toaster, but I'd toast the bread before placing the single slice into the microwave. Remember that times may vary from the previous instructions. 

Topping Ideas:
Cheese / and... ham / jam / marmalade / pickle / onion / salad cream / brown sauce.
Ham / and... salad cream / pickle / brown sauce.
Chocolate spread.
Peanut butter / and jam. 

It is evident that there are lots more topping which could be added to this list, however these are the few that I have tried and enjoyed.

Sandwich thins are the perfect alternative to regular bread.
Wilko and Argos are two shops that I know who sell sandwich toasters for under £10 if you're yet to own this worthwhile appliance.
  Whether it's a toastie or a sandwich, 
what are your slices of bread often topped with?
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