Tuesday, 18 July 2017

15 Ideas of Delightful Things to do Come Summer Time

Even though the colder part of the year gives me a very good excuse to pull out my snuggly pyjamas, I'd much rather wake up to a bright, sunny morning over a typical dark winter one. 

I would most definitely like to socialise more and fill my days with exciting plans, but especially when the weather is nice.

Nevertheless, I can remember having many fun experiences, which I have listed some of below, along with a few others (most of them are free!) that I would like to include in my diary come summer time...

15 ideas of delightful things to do come summer time.
Full credit goes to the original designer of the 'Hello Sunshine' print. 

  • Visiting the seaside and having a short paddle in the water.
  • Delving into a McFlurry ice-cream or a Mr Whippy cornet (don't forget the sauce topping please!)
  • Reading a magazine from cover to cover in the garden.
  • Admiring pretty flowers as they begin to bloom.
  • Making up a picnic for a lunch park outing.
  • Taking crusts of bread along to feed the ducks with at a nearby river.
  • Bringing out the art supplies to engage in some drawing or colouring.
  • Listening to a favourite album whilst taking in the surrounding areas.
  • Testing the mind with book puzzles.
  • Paying a trip to see numerous animals at the zoo.
  • Attending a live music event held outside.
  • Going for a long walk in the countryside.
  • Preparing a colourful fresh salad or fruit dessert to eat sitting at the garden table.
  • Hitting the shops to replace or add to a clothing and shoe collection.
  • Finding coolness for a couple of hours by booking tickets to a cinema screening.

What do you have planned come summer time?
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