Thursday, 4 May 2017

My Straightforward Guide for Entering Competitions

Entering competitions is something that I have been doing for many years now and what I would actually consider as a being a hobby of mine.

As the saying goes - 'You've got to be in it to win it', so bear that in mind if you feel like there is absolutely no point or your thinking ' I never win anything'.

If the giveaway is free to enter, which most online draws are, then exactly what have you got to lose?
- Nothing! I tell you.

My must-do's to stand a better chance of winning when entering competitions.
First up, I'd like to produce the evidence (and just to clarify, we are not about to crack some kind of 'Sherlock' case) that you can be the winning entry picked from thousands with my bullet-point list of some of the prizes that I have won in the past:
  • Hand signed Justin Bieber CD album.
  • 'Maximum Pop' Christmas bundle containing film and book merchandise.
  • Selena Gomez concert tickets (pictured).
  • The Last Song film advertisement poster (the massive ones that you see in the cinema foyers).
  • Olly Murs CD album.
  • Miley Cyrus concert tickets.
  • Once Upon a Time (previously aired on Channel 5, now its Netflix) series 1 DVD, notepad and kindle case.
  • Autographed Union J Christmas card. 
  • Diversity concert tickets + meet and greet with group photo opportunity and autographed photo (pictured).
  • Monte Carlo film memorabilia. 
  • Usher concert tickets (pictured).
  • 'Tyrrells Poshcorn' (popcorn bags in various flavours - x1 pictured).
  • Rio 2 film merchandise. 
  • 'Higgidy' lunch bag and food (letter pictured).
  • Britney Spears concert tickets.
  • The Saturdays t-shirt + hand signed 'Nintendogs' DS game.
  • Miranda, The Inbetweeners + Micky Flanagan DVD box sets (letter pictured).
  • 'Burt's Bees' cosmetics bundle (letter pictured).
  • £40 Amazon voucher.
  • 'Canon' Camera (received through sending in a celebrity snap to a magazine that they chose to publish).
  • Disney Channel's Shake It Up meet and greet with photo opportunity (pictured) and goody bag.
  • Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie merchandise.
  • Hand signed Craig David promo CD (pictured).
  • Numerous fictional books (x1 pictured).
  • 'Chewits' sweets packet selection. 
  • The Paul O'Grady Show nodding 'Olga' (pictured).
  • Harry Potter colouring books.
  • McFly concert tickets + meet and greet with photo and autograph opportunities:
    I wrote a letter on why I should win and sent over a drawing that I had sketched of the drummer, Harry.

    I would like to clearly state that all of the above has been won over approximately the past five years and was not obtained through my blog in any way.

    There will, of course, be moments of disappointment when missing out, but hey, think of how great you'll feel when you do get that winning notification!
I lost out on getting myself a pair of tickets to watch boy band, The Wanted, live in concert from the golden zone. This was a slightly embarrassing situation as it was through a local radio station and I was live on air. The answer to the question I was asked wasn't general knowledge and you just had to guess, which did make me feel a teeny bit better for not getting it right.

Now, onto what I believe are useful in knowing when entering competitions...

Via Twitter and Facebook -
1.) Make sure that you have followed, retweeted and 'liked' the page to make your entry count, as almost all brands have this as a requirement for their giveaways.
2.) Increase your chances by leaving a comment on the competition post.
3.) Read the instructions, rules and terms and conditions (if any), such as only one entry per household, otherwise you could be disqualified.
Plus, numbers 2 and 3 are also useful to remember when entering competitions on other websites that are not on social media.

Through the Mail -
1.) Use bright postcards or eye-catching designs to write your contact details and answer (if compulsory) on that will stand out from other postal entries.
2.) Have a set of stamps put by, so that you can get your entry sent ASAP.
3.) Look that the address you are sending to has been written down correctly (the same goes for when sending emails).
4.) Check the closing date to make sure that your entry will get to the destination before it shuts.
5.) Write neatly.

Live on-Air -
1.) Save the stations phone number before the draw opens so that it will be easier to hit redial.
2.) Find out if there is a charge as you don't want to be met with a gigantic bill.
3.) Stay away from the active radio when on the phone as it has been known to interfere with the line.
4.) You will obviously be mega excited if you get through to speak to the presenter(s), but remember, talk clearly and avoid any background noise.

Through Mobile -
1.) Again, find out about any unknown costs.
2.) A lot of the time you can only enter once, so don't do multiple entries.
3.) Be aware of what details you need to include in the message and re-read before pressing send.
4.) Listen / look out for a closing date and time.

Well, there you have it! 
Follow this advice and you never know what spectacular prize you could secure.

Best of luck! 
No matter if it was big or small, what have you won?
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