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Being a True Fan of McFly Looks Something Like This

'Beliebers', 'Lovatics', 'KatyCats'... You have probably read or heard at a minimum about one of these fan bases that link to a certain singers following.

Even though I am fond of Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato and Katy Perry, I mostly consider myself  to be a 'Galaxy Defender'.

No, I am not a space enthusiast; this is simply the name given to us fans of the British man band, McFly.

What being a long-term supporter of the band McFly, has meant for me personally.

It is incredible how one or more individuals who you don't know personally can make such a positive impact on your life, may it be through their music, films or something else.
Multiple posts of mine in the past have noted my adoration for McFly, however I want to express what results in being a part of a celebrity backing. You might already have the answers, if you yourself idolise a famous name(s). We are likely to have things in common, but definitely some different stories. 
 Here is a short history on mine. 
Please understand that I would never want this post to come across as bragging. 
 This was written purely to give an insight into what is involved with being a celebrity's long-term fan.

The Discovery:
My dad had got hold of four tickets to a concert that had a mixed line-up of musical artists taking to the stage, one of them being, McFly. I was ten at the time and even though most of the acts performed just a couple of songs each this was enough for me to find a likeness for these fresh-faced newcomers.

On my next birthday my parents presented me with 'Room on the 3rd Floor' - the foursomes debut album, which to no surprise I had playing on repeat through my CD stereo. This was the same with their next album 'Wonderland', which then a month later was followed by my second time seeing McFly live, but for over an hour! 

I know that it isn't just me who feels that as a fan you must buy their every single, album, DVD etc ever released in order to fully confirm your support. Although *shock* I still don't own every single CD (I regularly search the web and boot fairs for those that I am missing) it doesn't mean that I didn't like that particular piece. 

What I do own would be considered as a lot, most though are stored away neatly, with a few of my favourite items on display, such as an autographed tour book signed to me. 

Personal Experiences:
Gosh, in all honesty there are so MANY of these, too many to actually list. Stand-out moments for me include watching the band play live from the front row at a location not far from my home, my mum catching Harry's drumstick, then getting him to sign it at a later event, plus him recognising me at another.

Receiving hugs numerous times from each member is always nice, as is engaging in conversation with them, even though a lot of those have been random. For example, Harry and Tom singing the 'Funky Pigeon' slogan from the advert to me because I'd given them a handmade card. Danny once sung to me too, at a concert where I was situated in the second row. Then there was another happening when Dougie decided to doodle a vampire cartoon onto my guitar at a meet and greet before a gig.
Time, Miles and Dedication:
None of the above has been obtained easily. This has been ongoing since 2004. I actually waited seven years to meet the band properly, where I could speak to them for more than a few seconds and get a photo with them.

It has involved a lot of hours making plans, travelling around the UK and perseverance. For many of the events I was still quite young to be attending by myself and I totally realise that I was very lucky that my mum or dad, or both, would take me. 

The Ups and the Downs:
To this day with signings, meet and greets, concerts and other events I have seen McFly almost forty times in total, but please note that is spread over thirteen years.

It hasn't all been plain sailing. For instance, missing out on meeting the band (I came third in a competition where there was only first and second prizes) or seeing other fans meet them several times when you haven't is deflating.

There are some brilliant pluses though, such as keeping in contact with other fans who I have chatted with at past events and to be able to look back at the countless of photo's I have from those.

Due to not being in the best of health and more recently, because of unfitting venue locations, I haven't seen Danny, Dougie, Tom or Harry since 2015 when I had been discharged from hospital the previous week and they were touring as McBusted.

Like with everything there are good and bad bits, but to say that 98% of mine have been good is pretty awesome. Even if I never get the opportunity to meet McFly again I am forever thankful for all of the experiences that I have had.

What famous face(s) do you look up to?
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