Tuesday, 7 February 2017

My Seven Winter Must-Haves

"Brrr!" is all I can say if asked about the weather in England recently.

Just thinking about those harsh outdoor winds sends a shiver down my spine, even though writing this I am nicely wrapped up in the soft material of my dressing gown. I am wearing day clothes I might add, not my pyjamas - Although this won't be the only mention of my night attire, because right now I want to tell you about the little things that perk me up whenever the temperature plummets.

So, here are My Seven Winter Must-Haves.

Heated Puddings:
Where else better to start than with food glorious food?
Call me weird but cold custard straight out of the fridge on its own to me is something that I think tastes glorious. However, most people have this yellowy loveliness as the topping on a warm sponge, which is even BETTER.

Chocolate, treacle, jam, whatever flavour or filling you settle on, they are all incredibly tasty and comforting on a cold night sitting on the settee. If you prefer an alternative to custard then you have a choice of creams too - squirty, runny or iced.

Keep a look out for offers in the supermarkets. My mum returned from Poundland a couple of weeks ago with a two-pack of Jane Asher's Kitchen Christmas Puddings reduced down to 50p and paid 35p for a pair of Cadbury Milk Chocolate Puddings.

Keeping Warm:
From one hot luxury to another. 
Two years back we were thrilled to have a wood burner fitted in our home, and not only does this let out great warmth, but it is really lovely to look at as well. I just picture myself reading a book or drinking a hot chocolate with marshmallows and it is such an idyllic scene.

It is expensive to have the heating on full all of the time, so an electric heater or a hot water bottle might be a better option if you live alone or with another individual and that's it.

Classic Games:
Grab Monopoly, Battleship or a pack of cards for an hour or more of enjoyment away from all digital devices. Then all you need are a few bowls of nibbles and some hot drinks and you have an almost-free social get-together. 

We pretty much always take playing cards away with us on holiday as you never know when a power cut is about to happen - Plus you can't go wrong with a game of Snap!

Luxury Sleepwear:
When purchasing winter pyjamas they have to be cosy and cute! (Well, that's what I go for anyway).
Floral, leopard print, deer illustrated and a decorated caption are all what feature on the sets that I currently own.

Remember that no PJ's are complete without thick socks or slippers either.
How welcoming does this reindeer-inspired design look?

Hydrated Skin:
Getting older has made me realise how important it is to look after my skin. 
Whether, its body, face or hands, dryness can appear on all of these places. I repeatedly carry a lip balm with me to prevent cracked lips, not just in the winter. 

It wasn't too long ago that I discovered the brand Nip Fab who really do live up to their name. I apply a small amount of the company's Deep Cleansing Fix under my eyes and to my forehead before going to sleep and by morning it has disappeared. This products tub is huge, so I am sure that it will last me a long while yet.

Grab the Remote:
I've posted numerous times about what I have been watching on the television at that certain moment in time. You can see these here, here, here and well, here!

Although I like to tune into scheduled programmes, TV box sets are a great solution for when you might only have 30 minutes to spare. My most preferred though when it is dark and dingy is a film - Something upbeat and that includes lot's of sunshine in its footage.

How do you bear up in the winter?
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