Thursday, 19 January 2017

How to Achieve No-Fuss Wardrobe Neatness

Deciding on what to wear can be a tricky decision just on its own, but when the outfit that you are looking for is nowhere in sight, an overhaul of how your outfits are kept is most probably due.

You might have a two-part cupboard, mirror doors or a sliding-apart wardrobe like mine, whichever it is storing outfits and footwear can quickly become a nightmare.

Things can easily be turned around though, and to make this much easier for you, I am showing the inside of my very own wardrobe - And how I maintain its neat condition.

Here are all of my dresses, t-shirts and vest tops. I like to arrange them based on their style, for example, if they have a thin strap I put these together, the same goes for long sleeves etc. I don't focus on the colours because, as you can see, I own a collection of vibrant patterns.

My empty hangers are in a row together on the far right, which is also where I may have confused you by keeping a couple of jumpers, a dress, skirt and top next to each other. These are actually what I plan to wear over the next few days, plus they are complete with what jewellery I will team with them too. I really suggest doing this, it makes life that little bit less stressful when you are in a rush to go out.

Next up is the adjoining side of my rail, which consists of jumpers, cardigans and more t-shirts - They aren't with the others because these particular ones are from concerts that I have attended in the past.

Shorts and skirts are the additional connecting fashion pieces, as are some of my necklaces.
Another top tip! Use a hanger to display these on to avoid any of those troublesome knots that are always a pain to untangle. You can also jazz things up a bit with some colourful hangers. I present a couple of my favourite dresses on posh bow padded designs.

I know that it probably appears like I must have splurged a huge amount of money on my fashion items, but everything near on was bought from Primark or snapped up cheap at boot fairs over the years.

My approach to what I wear is varied. I wouldn't say that I follow trends.
If it catches my eye for all of the right reasons, I'll buy it - oh, though it should be at a bargain price too.

Funnily enough I do actually have more tops and bottoms, but these are folded away tidily in my chest of drawers, whilst footwear stays on a shelf at the bottom of my wardrobe.
If you have too many shoes and not enough room, plimsolls, flip-flops and similar kinds can be flipped over and stacked on top of each other without seeming messy.


What is your storage solution for clothes, shoes and accessories?
How would you describe your attire look?
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  1. I'm actually in the process of re-decorating my room, and getting a new wardrobe is the last thing I need to get! but I can't say my clothes are as colourful as this (on wednesdays we wear black... more like EVERYDAY we wear black) haha. I only keep my jackets, jumpers/hoodies in my wardrobe space at the moment, and I opted for white ikea hangers because I'm going to be swapping out to a clothing rack until I can get my new wardrobe fitted x

  2. Hi Rebecca,

    It's true, there are quite a few different patterns behind my wardrobe doors.

    I've been there and had just a stand alone clothing rack too when my bedroom was also being decorated. Those white hangers that you have chosen will look classy against your clothing I'm sure - Even if the majority of it is black! (love the 'Mean Girls' quote btw).

    Good luck with finding the rest of your furniture etc for your revamped room:)

    Tasmin ox

  3. I love reading these types of posts! I need to clear out my wardrobe soon.


    Victoria | Victoria's Vintage

  4. Thanks Victoria! When you decide to, I would be interested in seeing this as a post on your own blog:)

    Tasmin ox