Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Goodbye 2016 and Hello to a New Year

We have now entered the first month of 2017!


After all of that celebrating, January sees most of us having made our New Year’s resolution, which we then try the darn best that we can in sticking to for say, a couple of weeks or so (longer if we really are determined).



I didn’t want to set myself too big of a target, one that I had little chance of achieving. So, even though it may sound simple, mine is to have less of a negative attitude in everyday life. Even though most of the time it might be something that I’ve done or didn’t do that I'm critical about, I have begun to realise that acting this way effects the very few people around me. Thinking and speaking like this doesn’t help on my part either, especially mentally, and these are all reasons for why I would like to work on this.

Although I feel a deep amount of sadness inside when the festive celebrations are all over and the Christmas decorations have to be taken down, being able to start afresh for the twelve upcoming months sounds pretty good too. Plus, if your household is like ours and has enough chocolates and biscuits in presents to last you over the next few weeks, there probably isn’t much room left to complain at the moment, right?

Now, zooming back to the big day in December when Mr Claus had a very restful night a few hours before, are some photos that I snapped, including all of those prezzies (because you're never too old for those!) gratefully received by me.

DVDs: Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (Possibly the longest film title ever?!) | Sabrina the Teenage Witch - The Sixth Season | Last Vegas | The Kids Are Alright | Penelope | We're the Millers | Wizards of Waverly Place - The Movie.
 Books: The Crown 5-books selection series by Kiera Cass | Sabrina the Teenage Witch | Mary-Kate and Ashley - Two of a Kind | The Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher | Taylor Swift - This is Our Song.
Mixed:  Pie Face game | Over the Rainbow charity CD | Avon Sleeptherapy Restful Night lip balm | x2 Pairs of character ankle socks | Charm bracelet | Tribal print vest top | Checkered skirt | Hootie Owl warmer | Pinot Grigio wine | Sheep hot water bottle teddy | 'Love is' hanging decoration | Hair bows, floral band and pack of brown tie's | Playboy perfume deodorant | Box of Cadbury's Heroes | Typo glitter pencil case, 'easy writer' pen, 2017 daily buffalo planner and mini 'T' letter light.
The Pie Face game was bought by my dad as a present for the three of us. I am pretty sure that he was inspired by The Jonathan Ross Shows Christmas 2016 episode (YouTube it if you haven't seen this). We are yet to play it, however the squirty cream is sitting in the fridge. 
He also got me the Taylor Swift book as he knows that I am a big fan of the Swiftie. The sheep water bottle was also from him. I get so cold in the winter. Plus, I can cuddle this one!
Everything else was kindly given by either my mum, close friends or work.
After Christmas up until New Year's Day included countryside strolls, warm puddings, lots of TV - especially films, and two days off work for me! (My job hours are during weekends btw).

What was the highlight(s) of your festive break?
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