Tuesday, 20 December 2016

A Christmas Illustration to You From Me

When I was a young girl you would often find me doing something creative. Whether it was drawing, painting or colouring my artistic supplies were always out and scattered everywhere. 


I got such satisfaction from giving these pictures to relatives and friends meant for the door of their fridge's (even if they didn't end up there), but most of them were left out on a regular basis for my mum when she returned from her overnight shifts at a supermarket.

Anyhow, my passion for art continued into my teens, which was when I discovered a likeness for design too. During this time I studied both subjects at school and not long after left college with a diploma in Graphic Design.
Even though I don't work in this area of job people are not expecting a shop-bought card from me at Christmas, so all of the artistic supplies come out once again.
Here is the finished result for 2016 - A barn owl perched on a stand in the blustery winds.
I do own up to the fact that I have to look at a picture for inspiration first, then I do a sketch, photocopy it, paint that piece, scan it into the computer and finally, use some minor editing tools.
Either cards or gift tags are what I have used this on. The latter completed with a candy cane and ribbon.
They normally get positive feedback, which is nice to hear after hours of effort.
So, I guess that I'll end this post here by saying that I truly appreciate any of the stops that you have made at my blog since its launch in October 2015 and I really do hope that your Christmas and New Year are both full of cheer (hey, that rhymed!)

What are your plans for this Christmas season?
Do you have any projects on the go?
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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Fun and Calming Ways to Approach Christmas 2016

If, like me, Christmas is your all-time favourite seasonal holiday then you most probably won’t have difficulty in finding ways to bring tons of festive cheer into your life up until the big day.

Even so, I do understand that for some it can be hard to know just where to begin.
So, scrap thinking about the big supermarket food shop, who you have presents left to buy for and any other ‘priorities’ that most of us get in a panic about.

Here are five ways I like to approach Christmas with that get me into the swing of things after a year since the last December 25th.
Crank Up the Seasonal Tunes:
Whether its whilst driving, in the kitchen when cooking, or at your work place (I'd ask permission on this last one first though before you hit play), these tunes really create a better atmosphere. My personal selection is 'Fairytale of New York' by The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl.

Sweet Treats:
Mince pies are all ready and waiting for you to purchase off of retail shelves, but if fruit tarts aren't your type of thing there are multiple alternatives to please your appetite. Gingerbread men and candy canes seem to be popular with all ages, as do a tub of assorted chocolates (just maybe not the whole box at once, eh?).

Practice Your Handwriting:
Still have some Christmas cards left over from the previous time around? Great! And if not, these, envelopes (if they didn't come with them) and stamps are what you need prior to sending out your Xmas greetings. Listing the names of those people would be a great help too - And don't forget to check the last posting dates for your country!

Delve into Your Creative Side:
Channel your inner Mary Berry through some informal baking or dig out any craft supplies that you might have hidden away to hand-make something fitting. Whatever it is, you'll be surprised how much friends and family will appreciate what they receive. Plus, you'll reap the benefits during and after completion - It's a win-win on both parts.

Open a Window:
Those belonging to an advent calendar, obviously. Every household should own at least a singular type of these chocolate holders - To collect an edible treat from and to see how many days there are to go until the big celebrations.

What jolly things are you likely to do in the countdown to Christmas?
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