Thursday, 24 November 2016

Five Good Things… November

I know, I know, I haven’t posted anything on my little space on the web for two weeks now (tut-tut). The main reason being because my eyes have been hurting a fair bit recently (an opticians appointment is already booked for next month), so I’ve been having minimal contact with my laptop screen.

Anyhow I have been met with some mood-lifting things in the past four weeks. So if you have been feeling a bit down lately, I hope that: 1.) The thought of Christmas is bringing out even just the teeniest piece of joyfulness in you, and 2.) My little happenings can add to that in Five Good Things... November. 

Harry Potter Colouring Books:
I cannot hide the fact that I get satisfaction from entering competitions. If you follow me on Twitter I apologise for my retweets that are often daily, however most are too good to miss. Maximum Pop Books are a company that I follow who hold regular giveaways. Going by their name, the majority of the prizes are books and my most current win was four Harry Potter colouring books. Each one features amazing picture outlines to pencil away in to your hearts content.

Dreamgirls - The Musical:
From one film to another - but live on stage. In December my parents and I will be catching the train to London to see this production where I am expecting to hear some incredibly powerful voices. If you haven’t seen the original 2006 release, the stellar cast that consists of chart-topping divas BeyoncĂ© and Jennifer Hudson, the songs alone are worth getting a listen of.

Glee’s Amber Riley is starring in the show, however as we are booked in for a matinee performance it is yet unknown whether she will star in our afternoon slot (fingers crossed that she is present).

Yazoo Milkshakes:
These liquid delights must have been on the market now for years, but they still seem to be flying off of retailer’s shelves. I for one love a milkshake, in pretty much any flavour, so when I saw an offer on the Magic Freebies website for a free bottle, I was straight onto it and printing out my coupon.

Let the Festivities Begin:

Right, the Coca Cola ad has officially been aired, which now allows me to merrily declare that Christmas is just around the corner! I will soon be opening the first door to my (Disney Princess *cough*) advent calendar, pressing the record button for Xmas movies that I don’t own on DVD and writing out my seasonal cards. Oh, and I’m looking forward to digging into my Christmas pud with custard closer to the big day.

Greggs App:
I don’t have a lot of apps on my phone, but this is one that I definitely give a thumbs up to.
In just October and November I was sent a number of rewards to get in-store the bakery giant at absolutely no cost! These included a pack of their Hand Cooked Crisps, a Granola Bar and a Balanced Choice where I chose the Strawberry and Granola Yogurt (these really are delicious to eat for breakfast, lunch or dessert).

A Birthday Treat was also ready to redeem due to my change in age a very short time ago, for which I couldn’t not have the amazing Pudsey cupcake that were available especially for Children In Need, plus they came with a free ring too! (At just 85p to buy it’s a superb deal).

What good things have happened to you this November?
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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Next Destination... Almeria, Spain

Travelling abroad in October worried me slightly. Like the majority of people, I hope for sunshine when going away to another country – especially as autumn has well and truly arrived by this time back in Britain, making it colder.

Obviously I have no control over the weather, but the 25 (plus) degrees Celsius heat caused delight for me indeed when my mum, dad and I settled in upon arriving at our accommodation. The temperature was actually better than when we have been to other parts of Spain in May.

 The four-star rated Playadulce Hotel is where we were booked in for a seven-night stay.
With approximately 237 guest rooms, this building was a lot larger than the apartment structures that we usually opt for.

The decor inside was definitely unlike anywhere else we had been before too. While some of the rooms were dressed in a usual manner, ours had, wait for it… a Western theme!

We didn’t require the double-decker bus bed, however a flat screen television with cable and two bathrooms (one with a shower) were all very much appreciated. As well as posters advertising famous films of this genre lining the corridor, there was also saloon music too when you walked along this area (thankfully it couldn’t be heard throughout the night).

Overlooking the seafront, our location in Aguadulce was really great for visiting places.
You could either walk along the stretch of pavement next to the beach (which was pretty much empty!) or catch the bus, which came regularly, to take you elsewhere. There were two castles nearby completely free to get into - one in the main town of Almeria that took under 30 minutes to get to via four-wheeled transport. This was probably the best place for shops and where my parents bought me a pair of tan earrings with a crystal frame for just a single Euro.

Now, let’s talk food, which to me, is a big part of any holiday.
Due to my acid reflux I eat extremely slowly, but I still get satisfaction from eating my favourite meals and those that I haven’t tried before either. Unfortunately, this was the only letdown for our duration because there aren't many restaurants nearby, and those that there were either served tapas (small Spanish dishes) or charged around £10 or more per person - adding up to quite a hefty total price when done every evening.

I would recommend going for an All Inclusive or Half Board package if you think of journeying over to this part of the country. We had Bed and Breakfast, which included continental choices like cereal, fresh fruit, toast and cooked options such as pancakes, omelettes, fried egg, bacon etc. Most mornings we plated up something hot and then had cold food and snacks (purchased from the local supermarkets) at lunch and dinner.

Taking a look back at my last post and you will know from what I wrote that it was my 23rd birthday two days before we were due to fly home. After taking a pleasant hike, we settled down at the marina close to us for an afternoon meal where I cheerfully tucked into spaghetti carbonara and home-made bread topped with yummy tzatziki sauce (and tomato ketchup of course!). The hotel was also kind enough to leave an iced bottle of bubbly in our room too, which was a nice sight to return to.

If you have been to Spain which part was it?
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