Tuesday, 4 October 2016

It's Simple Really!... Me, Myself and I: From A-Z

If you read my first EVER post, or the follow up '5 Facts About Me... Continued', then you will have a few points on what I like already.

Back then it came quite easily to mind what to write, however would it be the same if I were to set myself the challenge of going through the whole alphabet, linking each letter with something that relates to me one way or another?

Let's see, shall we? - Challenge accepted!

 I couldn't whittle it down to just one on a lot of these, so you've got some extras.

Art: Getting creative - Drawing (especially of the illustration kind), painting, colouring. This subject and Graphic Design (which I continued on a two-year course at college later on) were my absolute favourites at school.

Bootfairs: Everyone loves a bargain, don't they?
Border Terriers: I've only had one dog. His name was Monty and he was a cross of this breed. They are perfectly adorable.
Blogging: I couldn't pass through this letter and not mention this hobby that allows me to get what I want to say out there.

Concerts: Katy Perry, 1D, Jonas Brothers, Lady Gaga... My ticket book is quite impressive to date. Seeing the musicians that you hear regularly on the radio live in real life - well, it doesn't get a lot better than that. Musicals are what I have attended a large number of also.
Cottages: My idea of a dream home. I've said this before elsewhere, but it was worth mentioning again.
Christmas: Another I've already stated. Some of us can't wait until it's all over - I'm the total opposite! Enthusiastically waiting for this festive season to hurry around again.

Disney: Visiting the Disney Store was a highlight of my childhood. There should be no age restriction on welcoming these fun characters into our lives.
Dresses: Cute summer frocks in various patterns and prints are an item of clothing I could never own enough of.

Easter: Any excuse for chocolate, eh? Cadbury's Cream Eggs gooey deliciousness = mmm.

Family: I couldn't be without my parents or the close friends that I think of as relatives.
Fiat 500: If I won the lottery, I would get this model (in New Age Cream) over a sports car.

Guitar: I've played this instrument since I was ten. I own an acoustic, but I haven't picked it up in a while.
Greece: I value this part of the world, and having been to multiple islands there, I can say this with total confidence. TIP: If you go, order a Greek salad - the feta cheese is luscious.

Hair bows: These or flower clips are typically what you will find slid into the side of my locks.
Hopes: Of course I have lots of these for the future. Most, if not all, I aim to achieve with sheer determination. I'm just in the process of getting there.

Ice cream: I'm not really fussed on the flavour, although having said that, toffee would be my first choice. Croatia serves the best of this chilled dessert. Trust me, I had a cone or bowl of the stuff six days out of the seven that I was there.

Just Dance: In our household the Wii is only really switched on to play this fun game.
Jacqueline Wilson: The author I have read the most books by. To this day she continues to put together such imaginative stories.

Kangaroo's, Koala's: Trip to Australia? Yes please. 

The Lion King: As a child I was obsessed with this film. Oh, and I should mention that 'The Little Mermaid' has a dear place in my heart too.

McFly: Everyone who knows me personally (and some of those online) would have had the answer for this one without even a word from me. I have had so much devotion for this band since their 2003 emergence. 

New Places: Journey to as many areas as you possibly can, whether its in your home country or abroad. This is what I'm trying to keep on doing.

The Orient Express: Again, if money was no object I would book a seat on here and order a cream tea, expecting a butler to deliver these very British goodies.

Primark: My shop I forever turn to on the high street.

Quizzes: Features of this sort in magazines and newspapers are what I tend to fill in daily. I can't get enough of them, or puzzles.

Rings: I own an ongoing collection of these jewellery pieces. I'm hardly ever without at least one on my fingers.

Sunflowers: It's brilliant how tall these grow and how just the sight of their bright yellow colour makes me happy.
Scuba diving: Something else I have noted down on the bucket list that is stored in my head. I really would like to do this in a clear blue ocean surrounded by tropical fish.

Tasmin: I was named after the singer Tasmin Archer... Nope, I hadn't heard of her either.
Taylor Swift: If I had the chance to meet anyone in person, without a doubt it would be this lady.

USA: This is the spot of the world that I hope to explore the numerous states of in the future.
Unicorns: Now riding bareback across a beach under the glorious sunshine sounds ideal to me, but so much wondrous on this mystical creature.

Victoria's Vintage: This bloggers website: www.victorias-vintage.co.uk has a mixture of interesting topics and I often enjoy reading the newest of these.

Walking: Letting your mind wander to gather ideas or having a chat with a friend are both examples of two good things that can be gained from going for a stroll. Plus, it’s a bonus when extraordinary views are in your sights.

The X Factor: When August is nearing I get excited for the return of this singing competition programme.

YOLO: You Only Live Once! Amazing straightforward advice.

ZZZ: Getting, a great night's sleep where you wake up all refreshed! Aah.

Could you manage to do a personal A-Z?
Have we chosen the same on any letters?
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