Tuesday, 25 October 2016

My Blogs First Birthday and Turning Twenty-Three

Once upon a time I didn't think it was possible to have two birthdays, and logically its not, but my blog hitting the one year mark is still enough of an excuse to bring out cake (and candles).

The weeks seem to fly by these days and it's been a whole twelve months since I first launched this online personal space. Opting for a Mr Kipling Bakewell slice and a hot cup of water (my regular heated drink) I reflected on my active posts.

Although I aim to, I don't always publish every single week. This is because all that I do make live I want to be proud of and this takes a lot of work - From the writing to the images, to making sure that the content is appealing to my readers. Truly, I try not to fret about my audience number. I just hope that what they do read encourages them to revisit - this is my prime goal.
My cards - The little one was from the hotel that we stayed in. (Check out the second next paragraph).
Gifts - Tartan bow clip + DVDs: Jonas - Volume 3 | Georgia Rules | Family Guy - Season One | Collage Road Trip | Princess Diaries 2.
Just 48 hours later and it was my own birthday.
I have a much more relaxed approach to celebrating growing older now. Like most kids, when I was under ten I had little parties with my school friends where there would be a bouncy castle. Then in my teens I made the effort to have a concert or show booked around the date, such as seeing Katy Perry live for my 18th. 
 Bow Pyjama Set: Patchwork rose print crop trousers & plain black t-shirt | Navy blue polka pom-pom slipper boots | Owl sock trio | Crystal flower clip | Killer Sudoku puzzle book | Disney's Sonny With a Chance CD album.

Last year I was full of cold on the actual day, so (even though it sounds mad) my mum and I wrapped up warm and went for a walk in the local area and then watched 'The Santa Claus 3' with the wood burner lit. Not long ago my mum and dad surprised me by arranging a holiday to Almeria in Spain during the week of my twenty-third. Disney movies were not forgotten about though, with me sticking 'The Hunchback of Notre-Dame' and 'Mulan' in the DVD player a few days before jetting off. (There will be more on our sunshine break soon).

 Most of the gifts that I receive from my parents are those that I have seen at our local boot fair throughout the year, which are then put by for my birthday or at Christmas. They do this to ensure that I'll like the items that I am given and I've usually forgotten about what we've picked up.

Floral top | The Worst Witch storybook | Special K cereal bars: Hazelnut & Almond | Ice-cream scoop | Bear socks | Hair bow clips | Writing pad & sticky notes | Animal lid lip balm tins.
As you can probably tell I like many different things and I was really pleased with the thoughtful pieces that I opened (including the two meant as a little joke) - especially when all I asked for was some new pyjamas and slippers! 
My parents had also put great effort into wrapping everything with NYC, London and Marilyn Monroe paper.
I'm just happy with a meaningful card when changing age, but how about you? 
Are you all about the prezzies, claiming the first slice of an enormous cake, or is hosting a
get-together with family and friends your type of thing? 
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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

It's Simple Really!... Me, Myself and I: From A-Z

If you read my first EVER post, or the follow up '5 Facts About Me... Continued', then you will have a few points on what I like already.

Back then it came quite easily to mind what to write, however would it be the same if I were to set myself the challenge of going through the whole alphabet, linking each letter with something that relates to me one way or another?

Let's see, shall we? - Challenge accepted!

 I couldn't whittle it down to just one on a lot of these, so you've got some extras.

Art: Getting creative - Drawing (especially of the illustration kind), painting, colouring. This subject and Graphic Design (which I continued on a two-year course at college later on) were my absolute favourites at school.

Bootfairs: Everyone loves a bargain, don't they?
Border Terriers: I've only had one dog. His name was Monty and he was a cross of this breed. They are perfectly adorable.
Blogging: I couldn't pass through this letter and not mention this hobby that allows me to get what I want to say out there.

Concerts: Katy Perry, 1D, Jonas Brothers, Lady Gaga... My ticket book is quite impressive to date. Seeing the musicians that you hear regularly on the radio live in real life - well, it doesn't get a lot better than that. Musicals are what I have attended a large number of also.
Cottages: My idea of a dream home. I've said this before elsewhere, but it was worth mentioning again.
Christmas: Another I've already stated. Some of us can't wait until it's all over - I'm the total opposite! Enthusiastically waiting for this festive season to hurry around again.

Disney: Visiting the Disney Store was a highlight of my childhood. There should be no age restriction on welcoming these fun characters into our lives.
Dresses: Cute summer frocks in various patterns and prints are an item of clothing I could never own enough of.

Easter: Any excuse for chocolate, eh? Cadbury's Cream Eggs gooey deliciousness = mmm.

Family: I couldn't be without my parents or the close friends that I think of as relatives.
Fiat 500: If I won the lottery, I would get this model (in New Age Cream) over a sports car.

Guitar: I've played this instrument since I was ten. I own an acoustic, but I haven't picked it up in a while.
Greece: I value this part of the world, and having been to multiple islands there, I can say this with total confidence. TIP: If you go, order a Greek salad - the feta cheese is luscious.

Hair bows: These or flower clips are typically what you will find slid into the side of my locks.
Hopes: Of course I have lots of these for the future. Most, if not all, I aim to achieve with sheer determination. I'm just in the process of getting there.

Ice cream: I'm not really fussed on the flavour, although having said that, toffee would be my first choice. Croatia serves the best of this chilled dessert. Trust me, I had a cone or bowl of the stuff six days out of the seven that I was there.

Just Dance: In our household the Wii is only really switched on to play this fun game.
Jacqueline Wilson: The author I have read the most books by. To this day she continues to put together such imaginative stories.

Kangaroo's, Koala's: Trip to Australia? Yes please. 

The Lion King: As a child I was obsessed with this film. Oh, and I should mention that 'The Little Mermaid' has a dear place in my heart too.

McFly: Everyone who knows me personally (and some of those online) would have had the answer for this one without even a word from me. I have had so much devotion for this band since their 2003 emergence. 

New Places: Journey to as many areas as you possibly can, whether its in your home country or abroad. This is what I'm trying to keep on doing.

The Orient Express: Again, if money was no object I would book a seat on here and order a cream tea, expecting a butler to deliver these very British goodies.

Primark: My shop I forever turn to on the high street.

Quizzes: Features of this sort in magazines and newspapers are what I tend to fill in daily. I can't get enough of them, or puzzles.

Rings: I own an ongoing collection of these jewellery pieces. I'm hardly ever without at least one on my fingers.

Sunflowers: It's brilliant how tall these grow and how just the sight of their bright yellow colour makes me happy.
Scuba diving: Something else I have noted down on the bucket list that is stored in my head. I really would like to do this in a clear blue ocean surrounded by tropical fish.

Tasmin: I was named after the singer Tasmin Archer... Nope, I hadn't heard of her either.
Taylor Swift: If I had the chance to meet anyone in person, without a doubt it would be this lady.

USA: This is the spot of the world that I hope to explore the numerous states of in the future.
Unicorns: Now riding bareback across a beach under the glorious sunshine sounds ideal to me, but so much wondrous on this mystical creature.

Victoria's Vintage: This bloggers website: www.victorias-vintage.co.uk has a mixture of interesting topics and I often enjoy reading the newest of these.

Walking: Letting your mind wander to gather ideas or having a chat with a friend are both examples of two good things that can be gained from going for a stroll. Plus, it’s a bonus when extraordinary views are in your sights.

The X Factor: When August is nearing I get excited for the return of this singing competition programme.

YOLO: You Only Live Once! Amazing straightforward advice.

ZZZ: Getting, a great night's sleep where you wake up all refreshed! Aah.

Could you manage to do a personal A-Z?
Have we chosen the same on any letters?
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