Tuesday, 6 September 2016

What I Learnt From... Getting Through Life's Challenges

    I openly admit that day-to-day existence is sometimes a struggle for me. Just one little thing can set all of us back, whether it be accidentally getting a stain on your best top, overcooking the dinner, mislaying your keys... It is so frustrating. 

    Yep, so we tend to deal with nuisances like this, get over them and move on, but when they happen by the bucketload, that's when our state of mind is really tested.

    What I learnt from getting through life's challenges, which could help you too.

    Last year it all came at once for me. I was made redundant and after being unwell for eighteen long months, got admitted into hospital where I stayed for five nights and was diagnosed with acid reflux.
    Although being poorly at any time is obviously not nice, I was just grateful that a solution was found.

    So what was ahead of me now? (A walk up the Yellow Brick Road or a ride on the Hogwarts Express wouldn’t have been declined) Well, I had a bad reaction to the tablets prescribed, was unemployed, single, and didn't have a lot of friends my age to depend on. BUT, I had a lot to be thankful for – My incredibly supportive parents, the roof that was kept over me, food on the table, washed and ironed clothes - All examples of what can often be taken for granted.

    Don't worry, this post isn't all going to be doom and gloom, because I can tell you that it does get better, however you need to help set the ball rolling.

    Never would I ask you to follow my advice, though, I would like to tell you about a few ways that I have 'turned my frown upside down' (please, excuse the pun) and made an improvement to how I'm feeling.

    1.) Eat Breakfast.
    I live by the saying that 'breakfast is the most important meal of the day' - and this is directly from a person who always used to skip this essential meal, instead, snacking through half of the morning. I alternate between having porridge or Fruit and Fibre (I love this bowl of goodness!), but even a slice of toast is great. We all require a bite to eat that will give us fuel right up until lunch time. 

    2.) Have Some 'Me' Time.
    You. Yes, you, deserve to have a wind-down, whether this is by watching a couple of episodes of the latest T.V series you're totally hooked on at the moment. Maybe its thumbing through the next chapter of a book that you can't, won't, but must put aside before you read it all, or painting your nails in a vibrant shade (one for the girls! - or a few boys) whilst listening to that playlist of upbeat songs you have saved.

    3.) Look After Yourself.
    Most of us appreciate a pyjama day - me included, although I don't make a habit of doing it regularly. Even when I have a rubbish sensation, fixing my hair into a side plait (my trademark appearance), adding a swipe of lip gloss and a change of outfits can lessen this.

    4.) Put a Bad Mood to Some Good Use.
    Knowing that I've helped another human being makes me smile. I absolutely despise gardening, but the realisation that I've contributed to a task that my mum and dad typically do alone, or together, presents self-worth. There are also other pluses - getting out in the fresh air and being surrounded by nature. Even assisting a friend or family member with sorting through their household items for a boot fair will take a bit of the weight off of their shoulders. 

    5.) Orgainisation Is Key.
    Jotting down what I would like to achieve over the upcoming couple of weeks gives me a direct aim that I can focus on and tones down the pressure for when I might not know where to steer towards next. Where I suffer from anxiety and I like to know what I'm doing, it is so beneficial for me to write a plan for what to fill the hours with.

    If you have ever made any adjustments to better your lifestyle what were they?
    Did you notice any progression?
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    1. I agree with you on so many levels. I love a good bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. :)

      annescribblesanddoodles.blogspot.com | Bloglovin' | Instagram

    2. Fantastic. That choice of breakfast is great because you can leave it plain or upgrade the taste with fruit toppings or sweet syrups.

      Tasmin ox

    3. This is a lovely post! I'm sorry to hear about that tough time in your life, I'm glad it got better for you! I definitely need 'me' time, if I don't I start feeling overwhelmed and stressed! xxx

      1. Thank you Samantha. Your comment genuinely made me smile upon reading it. Things could've been a lot worse for me and we all have to face some challenge(s) in our lives, but really we should look at them as strength builders.

        Please take some time out to do whatever you enjoy, even if it's as simple as watching a movie with a bowl of sweets ☺

        Tasmin ox