Thursday, 22 September 2016

Grab the Remote... September

At last! What's showing on the TV has now begun to improve.


During the summer months, it is believed that most people will be out enjoying the 'nice weather' (when we get it, that is, here in England). Fair enough, but when it gets to the evening I would like to find something to watch other than repeats or new shows that leave me yawning into my dinner.

So, without further ado, here is what my eyes and ears have stayed alert for these last couple of weeks...

Just what it says in the title, the 60-minute duration of an individual episode features members of the public who have come to regret an inking that they have had done in earlier years. These skin designs are usually a horrendous sight that were chosen: a) when that person was under the influence of alcohol, b) as a sign of revenge to get back an ex or c) without thinking. Sometimes someone will come into the teams London (or most recently, Spain) studio to get a brand new tattoo, usually with a fantastic story behind it.

Luckily, for those who are in desperate need for their wrong to be put right, the creations of tattooists, Alice, Sketch and Jay, are phenomenal. They really are a likeable bunch, as is their receptionist Paisley, who has an infectious personality too.
When: It's said to be returning in December.
Channel: E4.

Now, I don't think many presenters can get away with saying even half of the things that exit Keith Lemon's (the alter ego of Leigh Francis) mouth. Yes, there is bound to be at least a single rude saying / action every week in this comedy game show that has two panels, one lead by Holly Willoughby and the other by Fearne Cotton (although the incredibly funny Gino D'Acampo has been a regular on the last few series). Both ladies are then joined by a couple of famous names and then presto! They battle it out in multiple rounds that should make you LOL (just don't watch with elderly folks around, okay?).

My all-time favourite challenge is 'Don't Show Keith Your Teeth', basically saying as many answers as they possibly can to the question asked, without them, you guessed it - showing their teeth!
When: Thursdays @ 10pm.
Channel: ITV2.
War can be such a sensitive subject to talk about and I have so much admiration for the British Army. More women seem to be enrolling now alongside men and this drama follows the experiences of Georgie, a medic played by Michelle Keegan.

There are some familiar faces too, rumoured to be Coronation Street bad boy Callum (actor Sean Ward) and from the first series, Ben Aldridge as Captain James. Although Lacey Turner's respectable character Molly, (the main role in the original production) is a thing of the past, Michelle is still providing us with a courageous woman in the battlefield.
When: Wednesdays @ 9pm.
Channel: BBC1.

4.) Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away!
This documentary reminds us of why it is so important to keep up with our bills and to also think wisely when buying things with money that we have saved for something else. If we don't there is a harsh reality that comes with an expensive lesson.

It may be that a landlord hasn't been paid any rent for months, or a business didn't complete the full work promised to a customer. Either way, the High Court Enforcement Officers track down the debtor who is then given the choice to pay, or their personal goods, such as a car, will be seized to settle the total, or some of the amount owed. When the full cost isn't dealt with, there will be a return visit at some point in the future.

I am slipping away from all of this serious business for a moment to inform you that one of the officers, Paul Bohill, is a regular at my local boot fair. Fact.
When: Wednesdays @ 9:00pm.
Channel: Channel 5.

Pretty much like the initial idea, but with the contestants other half. Together they host a dinner party at their house where they cook three courses for two more partners to eat and praise - or absolutely slate!

Regularly they will have some kind of entertainment, but what is a must, after all the dishes have been served the attendees score the overall evening. Whoever has the highest rating at the end of the week wins £1000.

This is a broadcast that I don't mind catching again and again.
When: Weekdays and weekends at various times.
Channel: Channel 4.

 Tell me. What have you been pressing the record button for this month?
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  1. I love come dine with me, but haven't heard of the couples one! It sounds really interesting!
    Aleeha xXx

  2. Hi Aleeha,

    Oh, I think that it's fantastic.
    If you are based in the UK the show is currently airing weekdays at 5pm on channel 4, but past episodes can be found online.

    Let me know if you do decide to watch it.

    Tasmin ox