Friday, 12 August 2016

Next Destination... San Antonio Bay, Ibiza

It often gets to a certain point in the year when most of us feel ready for a break, some time off, a holiday perhaps? And if you are a British resident like me - some sunshine wouldn't go amiss either.  


Our family try to go abroad at least once every twelve months, sometimes twice, depending on whether we can find a low cost deal or not. This May we packed our suitcases (well, luggage trolleys) and took an outbound plane to the Balearic Island of Ibiza.

Minus the 2am wake-up call because of our early departure time and the two-hour-and-ten-minutes (leaving via London Gatwick) flight journey was overall quite pleasant. The weather was absolutely glorious and reached 29 degrees Celsius at one point, which was a lot higher than what the forecast had been reporting back home (nothing to complain about).

The three-star-rated Playa Bella Apartments in San Antonio Bay where we stayed provided all of the simple items that we needed, such as a fridge, kettle, toaster and so on. This 155-room building was also connected with a swimming pool, plus multiple facilities like a newsagents and an eatery. From a disco to a game of bingo, all sorts of entertainment were advertised each night here too.

Aside from our breakfast and lunch, we like to eat away from our accommodation, visiting different restaurants and tasting the local food, which are the reasons for us choosing the Self-Catering option. Although, we did order at the snack bar on a couple of occasions when we felt like having a 'lazy' night in. When we did have dinner the menu at The Old Tavern appealed to us the most, as did their live music and quizzes, typically held after 8pm.

We saved money, especially on our midday meals because of the supermarket down the street from us that sold pretty much everything you could require at really cheap prices.

While there was shops on either side of the road from us, the main outlets in San Antonio were either a forty minute walk from us or around half an hour by the bus that made regular pick ups and drop offs throughout the day. Along with places to get your souvenirs or grab an ice cream from was the harbour where you could book trips for entering caves, going inside an aquarium and extra things. Drinks and snacks were also included with these excursions. You could also catch the public transport to the Old Town, which was combined with newer structures and had further retailers and nail salons there as well.

A fair amount of our holiday was spent walking. My mum, dad and I have trouble keeping still for too long. Give me a couple of hours sitting down with a book and I'm done. Feeling the sunshine on my face, a soft breeze through my hair and stretching my legs whilst admiring the beautiful views around me - That is more like it. 

I was met by the glistening sight of the sea when a journey on foot took us to Port d'es Torrent. This was a shorter hike compared to when we had a trek over to Cala Bassa, taking three hours in total (there and back). But it was SO worth it upon seeing the gorgeous beach that gave the impression of being a private spot because of its quietness.

There is such a misconception about Ibiza being the area of the world to go partying in, and while this might be true, there is more to explore than just that. Travellers, especially families, can now be reassured knowing that relaxation and other ways to have fun (nowhere near the nightclubs) are within reach on this fabulous island.

Have you been to Ibiza or some other location that has taken you by surprise?
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