Wednesday, 3 August 2016

I've Got My Ticket... The Rocky Horror Show

You know that anything featuring the classic dance floor anthem 'The Time Warp' is going to be enjoyable. Well, I think so anyway. Looking back on most of the birthday parties, garden barbecues and New Year celebrations, which I attended as a child and this tune wasn't ever missing from the playlist.


  Nor is it absent from the musical that popularised the track. The Rocky Horror Show had its first performance at the Royal Court Theatre, London, in 1973 and it hasn't paused for a break since. At some point my parents went to see one of the performances, which I clearly recall because they spoke very highly of it. Both also communicated that many of the audience had been dressed up. We're talking men and ladies in corsets, stockings and other daring women's lingerie - the same as those on stage.

Show Name: The Rocky Horror Show
Venue: The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury
Performance Dates: Monday 1st August – Saturday 6th August 2016
Starring: Lauren Ingram, Richard Meek, Liam Tamne, Paul Cattermole, Norman Pace
Director: Christopher Luscombe

Brief Information:
This production, which was written by Englishman Richard O'Brien, is the story of Brad and his fiancĂ©e Janet, two college students who avoid anything that might land them in trouble. Sometimes people change however and the couple are about to discover this when they have car trouble outside the home of Dr. Frank-N-Furter. Unalike anyone they have ever associated themselves with before are a bunch of the houses quirky characters, eager to ask the pair in for a lively experience where fun is always present.

My Opinion:

It was unfortunate that Diana Vickers (who was originally cast for the role of Janet) sustained an injury prior to the opening night, though Lauren Ingram did an excellent job filling in.

Music, comedy, science-fiction and, well - horror, were each introduced into various parts of the two-hour (including a 20-minute interval) duration. These subjects aren't your usual blend, but were still appealing when brought together. Focusing on the wardrobe side of things, I had a vague idea of what would be flaunted. Yes, there were more than a few daring get-ups - both from the cast and seated viewers.

What did you like?
I respected the great quantity of silliness involved, how a lot of imagination had obviously gone into the whole staging and that ticket holders seemed to have their own role, such as joining in with the additional rhythmic numbers like 'Dammit Janet'. Another contribution by those in the audience were multiple gags thrown in whilst the entertaining Norman Pace (of comedy duo Hale and Pace) was narrating, of which he chuckled at and responded with even better comebacks.

To date this is definitely the most startling production I have ever seen. I was utterly transfixed, especially by Liam Tamne (a former contestant on series 3 of BBC1's The Voice) and the masterly act he gave. Then at the end, an encore of 'The Time Warp'/'Sweet Transvestite') was an inclusion that I'm glad was repeated.

What would you change?
No improvements are required, but personally, there was enough freakishness to last me a year or so before wanting to relive this experience again.

My star rating out of five:
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  1. I've never watched The Rocky Horror Show before, but it's such a classic, so I feel like I should! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. I do recommend going to see the show, but be warned, it is outrageous! Though I'm not sure what the 1975 film is like - I need to watch it.

    Tasmin ox