Sunday, 17 July 2016

Reserve at the Library... The Other Alice by Michelle Harrison

Magical. This was the word that instantly popped into my head when my eyes first met with the book ‘The Other Alice’. This was half because I link that female name with the fictional character that had more than a few stupendous adventures in Wonderland, but the summary of the story was very much spellbinding too. 


Youngster Alice is a keen writer, and an extremely skilled one at that. The stories she pens are so incredible that they almost seem real. There is a catch that comes with being a wordsmith however. If she doesn’t finish what she is working on, everything on her pages literally do come alive and into the human world.

This wouldn’t be so much of an issue if the personalities of those she had created were all friendly, but the inclusion of at least one baddie is a must for any proper tale. Meaning that when Alice vanishes with her chain of events incomplete, only she knows some of what is about to follow…

Midge, appreciates the inventive mind of his sister, Alice, and is fascinated by riddles. When the oddest things begin to take place, this individual knows that he doesn’t just want to find his relative, but he has to. 

Having located Alice’s secret book that might contain the vital answers he needs, witnessed a couple of the imaginary figures traipsing around the nearby area and with a talking cat in tow, an epic search is about to start.

Midge is intent on discovering the whereabouts of his older sibling ahead of the villains and giving this unpublished piece its final closing chapter.

There have been many of times when I have had writer’s block, I think that we all experience it at some point. Usually it is best to walk away and come back to it when a few hours have passed, or even after a day or week has gone by. To the disadvantage of Alice, this doesn’t actually play well with her, and doing so can have ruinous consequences.

Michelle Harrison is a prize-wining author most recognised for her debut novel ‘The Thirteen Treasures’ and her prequel collection to this. Again, she has formed something purely unputdownable, with readers itching to learn what happens at the end, as much as Midge.

‘The Other Alice' is publicly released 28th July 2016 and available to purchase from most UK retailers. *

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