Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Applying the Finishing Touch… Estée Lauder - Double Wear Foundation

Never before have I had a make-up feature on my blog. Why? You ask. Well, it's not because I don't use any cosmetics. In fact, it's seeing that since the launch of my online diary nothing new I've tried has impressed me enough to comment on it.


 I like to keep my make-up routine as simple as possible by using a few dots of foundation, a flick of mascara and a swipe of lipstick combined with a balm over the top (to make the colour last longer).

A little while ago I was scrolling through the Magic Freebies website where there was an advertisement for a sample of Estée Lauder's Double Wear Foundation, and to be honest, if I could only have one beauty product it would be a cover-up for my skin.

It is stated that customers with oily skin, which I am not a sufferer of, have applauded this certain selection. To be fair my natural complexion isn't too bad, apart from the odd spot that nearly everyone gets and the faint sign of a couple of grey circles under my eyes (from going to bed a little too late - oops).

Where I have always had quite light skin the lady at the Debenhams store matched me with the shade Pale Almond 2C2, though once I had applied it I felt that it was one shade too dark. This was easily fixed by dabbing a bit of moisturizer on top to then get the finish I wanted.

Famed as 'The UK's NO. 1 Foundation' and priced at £31 to buy, I expected nothing less than a flawless completion. Having a 15-hour staying power and not changing in appearance through heat are meant to be some of the perks to this specific product, which they were. I can also relax knowing that this item has SPF 10 in its mixture and that I only needed a small amount out of the bottle.

The only hindrance I came across was that you have to rub the liquid in almost immediately. You can't walk off into another room and then come back to do so, like I often do. Otherwise, streaky lines are what will be waiting in the mirror to meet you. 
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  1. That is such a cute little sample! It sounds like a great foundation and I will keep my eye out for it!

    1. Isn't it just? The packaging is equally as important as the actual product I think. Thumbs up for both on this one.

      Tasmin ox