Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Reserve at the Library... Dotty Detective by Clara Vulliamy

It was only three posts ago that I was telling you of my appreciation for books targeted at younger ages. There is no need for anyone, including myself, to feel awkward about what they decide to open the typed pages of. When it comes down to it, reading is simply beneficial.


Nancy Drew, a film about a female sleuth, is a DVD that I frequently remove from my shelf. The whole mystery and clues thing intrigues me a lot, which may be why the new paperback release of Dotty Detective caught my attention.

I didn’t recognise the author's name, but the bright pink cover and delightful artwork on the outside made me turn to the back so I could see what the story was about – and it sounded right up my street!

Dotty is settling into a new home with her mum and her twin siblings, oh, and their mischievous dog McClusky. She keeps a day-to-day account of what is currently happening in her life, including starting a new school, where she meets Beans (a boy in her class who, you guessed it! loves the tinned food).

When the school talent show approaches and it looks as if spiteful pupil Laura is planning to ruin it, Dotty and Beans join together to be the detective pair to solve the case. Along the way some unusual but funny code words feature, as does a certain snack that they use to inform each other of when they have an update on the whole investigation.

Forget the popular gang, Dotty is most definitely the kind of character I would pick in the playground to be friends with. I can relate to Dorothy (her given birth name) on quite a few things, such as she is keen on written puzzles, and my closest pal was of the male gender too.

Inside resembles the appearance of an actual diary that someone has filled in. Along with notebook ruled paper and a good size text, there are ace doodles in every direction you look, as well the addition of polaroids. From what I have learned through a visit to her official website, these were all designed by the hands of the author, who is obviously extremely talented.

Clara's previous titles I would say were aimed at 3-5 year olds, whereas this publication is more 7-11.
This is her first ever full-length story and number one in the series.
I would willingly go on to read the rest of the collection to follow.

‘Dotty Detective’ is available to purchase now from most UK retailers. *

Find out more about Clara Vulliamy on her official website:


  1. Great points. There shouldn't be any shame in what we read or what age its geared toward. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  2. Thanks Carmen. It's good to know that you also agree. 😃