Thursday, 16 June 2016

On the Menu Today... Soreen

Every day I prepare myself a packed lunch and although I take delight in doing so, in the past I have found what food to pick is sometimes tricky. This isn't because I am really fussy, but for the reason that I prefer tucking into something different in the afternoon.


A few years back I started to feel unwell after eating bread and since being diagnosed with Predominant IBS not long after these symptoms began I decided to make some changes.

Now I opt for pitta bread or a smaller type (plus garlic bread at dinner twice a week) and it has made such an improvement to how I feel.

A variety of snacks, such as a cereal bar or cake slice, yogurt or desert pot, rice cake and a piece of fruit are usually what you will locate in my lunch bag at this present time. Along with mixed salads with noodles and other yummy ingredients I also LOVE putting together my own puddings.

Soreen are a brand that I am a firm customer of. Their loaves are a squidgy texture containing moist raisins that you can either leave plain or alter with numerous toppings - perfect for someone like me. Although covering mine with custard is what I am very fond of, butter, cheese, jam and chocolate spread are some other sweet alternatives.

Whatever you decide on using as the top layer Soreen provide a selection of products to fit within certain individuals schedules. The Soreen Original Malt Loaf for example, is best for savouring at home or round at a friends, while the Soreen Lunchbox Loaves are just what they say on the packaging. These fantastic on-the-move bites are also available in banana flavour too.

This food company has progressed outstandingly since their emergence and having a brilliant range is proof of this. I especially like their Original Sliced Loaf because it is so convenient, having already been cut to size.*

For more information about Soreen and their products please view their website: 
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