Sunday, 26 June 2016

Fortunate Finds... Prestige Flowers

Sadly so far in my life I have only ever received a single rose from a boy. It was a classic red one and at my year six prom (yes, we had a formal do at the age of 11).


That all changed last week when I received this spectacular flower arrangement from Prestige Flowers.

The Pandora bouquet is a vibrant selection that was carefully hand-tied before arriving to me in an
attractive wrap and bag. Premium Flower Feed is a free inclusion with every order to ensure that the life of what you have paid for is worth it by being lengthened. Another bonus was a pink glass vase to display the bunch in, however the complimentary box of chocolates were missing. Unfortunately Zac Efron wasn't stood behind the door holding them either - but hey, sometimes we can't have it all!

Having said that, each product does give you the option to add in some pleasant extras at a small fee.
Along with a soft teddy bear, a birthday cake, a single bottle of wine, a packaged variety of chocolates and a balloon are all other possibilities to pop onto your order. There is also the choice of increasing the size of what you pick on some of the creations. 

With offerings to suit every occasion starting at the reasonable price of £19.99 plus delivery, that can be shipped internationally, this company is ideal to turn to when birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and other special events are nearing on the calendar.

Buying through their website is really simple and their customer service is marvellous if you need to ask any questions. I spoke to a member of their staff called Philip who really went above and beyond to make certain that I was satisfied with what I was going to be presented with. *

For more information about Prestige Flowers and to view their full range, please visit their website:  
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