Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Reserve at the Library... Jacqueline Wilson

Come winter season I look forward to any spare time that I might have which allows me to grab a book and curl up next to the heat of our log burner with. The reading doesn’t stop in the summer either, but instead I opt for lounging outside to get lost in a story.

At my current age of twenty-two I openly admit to occasionally selecting books where primary school children are their target audience. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate novels, chick lits and other genres that are meant for older humans, but every now and again I want to step inside the pages of the fun-packed adventures that I used to mentally as a kid.

If you were to ask me which author’s written material is my favourite, I would quickly respond with Jacqueline Wilson. For many years I have zoomed through almost all of her releases, and I was delighted to get my hands on two of her latest.

Rent a Bridesmaid:
Most girls dream of walking down the aisle in the future, and one of those is youngster Tilly. However this little person isn’t looking to exchange vows, she just wants to be a bridesmaid, but she can’t face waiting until adulthood.

As there is no chance of her own mum and dad ever marrying, the nine-year old gets imaginative and publicly offers to attend a couples wedding to take on the important role that she has planned down to the very last detail.

Eager and with a pink frock already picked out, Tilly just needs to find her soon-to-be-married pair. Then, with her lifetime achievement met, she can compare notes with best friend Matty, who has been asked to take on the important part that Tilly has spent so long focusing on.   

The character of Katy Carr is quiet likely to tug at your heartstrings as she begins a powerful journey after a momentous accident confirms that things will never be as they used to for her.

Surrounded by a big family where she is the eldest of six children, Katy was forever making up games to play with her siblings. Then for her own entertainment, this creative kid liked to express her fearless personality through a bunch of crazy antics, such as climbing trees.

Feeling immensely sad and it being unknown whether she will ever recover, can Katy use her cleverness to lead a happy life once again?

From the large quantity of books that I have owned by the award-winning Dame, there has never been one that I have disliked. From ‘Cliffhanger’ to ‘The Diamond Girls’ I have laughed and cried my way through the events that Jacqueline has the special talent of making seem real.

Each publication features a variety of terrific illustrations by the fantastic Nick Sharratt.

Both ‘Rent a Bridesmaid’ and ‘Katy’ are available to purchase now  from most UK retailers.*

Find out more about Jacqueline Wilson on her official website:
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