Friday, 11 March 2016

Fortunate Finds... 712 More Things To Write About Journal

Recently I posted on my social media about the 712 More Things to Write About Journal. 

In December a friend kindly wrapped a copy up for me as a Christmas present and just by getting a glimpse at some of the writing prompts inside I was very enthusiastic about using my imagination to pair each idea with my words.

Even if you normally tend to just use a pen for scribbling out a shopping list or to-do tasks, this publication really will make anyone think hard, then go onto build at least one or two sentences.

There is no rush to fill up the 336 pages available – each piece is meant to be enjoyable!

As well as getting creative, many people have found this title actually quite therapeutic, including myself. I believe that this is because there is no pressure of needing to have A+ grammar and that you get the full say on what is inked onto the almost blank sheets of paper.

On a typical week I visit my own book on a singular basis, normally on an evening, just before settling down for dinner. Flicking to a random page is how I tackle which feature to select, and whilst being a bit of challenge, it is repeatedly fun.

It would be impolite of me to end this topic here, so these are a couple of my finished samples:

You've fallen in love with a member of the opposite political party.
Write the breakup scene.

It was time to close this romantic case by hitting him with today's newspaper across the face.
In black and white I could clearly see, this wretched MP had been cheating on me.
Now that I am back in charge, I have given him one week to get out of the garage.
He may no longer be mine, but at least I get to keep every dime.
Pity the young ones.
5 days of school every week is a drain,
where in this place making friends can be a pain.
Obeying to rules and doing chores,   
also tend to become a bore.
Growing up can be tough as a teen,
who watch the scariest films to cause a scream.
Most struggle to keep their rooms neat,
as much as they can't maintain a healthy physique.

‘712 More Things to Write About’ by The San Francisco Writers Grotto is available to buy here:
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