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I've Got My Ticket... The Bodyguard - The Musical

Although the simple lyrics ‘I will Always Love You’ are predictably known worldwide some listeners may not be aware that this song, under the same title name, is from the meaningful 1992 film, The Bodyguard.

Playing the lead female role alongside the supreme Kevin Costner was the power behind the voice of that global number 1 hit – Whitney Houston.

While we might not confess to it, each of us can probably remember a moment where we either blasted out the soundtrack on full volume miming along, or ‘trying’ to be note-perfect out loud.
Either way this is one of those films that you need to watch at least once.

If you have already seen it and worn out your DVD (or old-school VHS) of this television viewing over the years from too much overplay, no fear as up until May 2016 a live show of The Bodyguard is touring multiple venues around the UK.

 Show Name: The Bodyguard - Musical
Venue: The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury
Performance Dates: Wednesday 17th – Saturday 27th February 2016
Starring: Carole Stennett, Stuart Reid, Rachel John, Samuel Brown, Alex Andreas
Musical Director: Tom Gearing

Brief Information:   
Singer Rachel Marron is a big-name in pop music, to the extent that her safety is soon questioned when she continues to receive worrying threats from an unknown someone. She needs the best of the best and that is exactly what she is given when Frank Farmer, previously a Secret Service agent, is employed to protect her day and night.

At first the female diva demonstrates scenes of challenging behaviour – that is until she realises how much danger both she and her son are in. Wherever she goes, her security must shadow her and all this time together soon has Frank questioning whether mixing business with pleasure between the star and himself is a mistake.

My Opinion:
In comparison to the minders of Rachel, I was on high alert for anything suspicious going on – even though I knew what incidents were to follow. You also slightly feel partly responsible for her well-being because the storyline is so intense and the cast delineate this effectively. Further suspense is then built when the jealousy that her sister feels is brought to light.

Carole Stennett who plays the part of Rachel has the rare ability of producing such natural vocals, but I soon found out that talent runs in the family when her on-stage sister Nicki, demonstrated some spellbinding note changes also.

What did you like?
From the very first ten minutes I, myself, felt a strong connection with the characters on stage. While the teary-eyed moments were accompanied by a sensational ballad, such as ‘I Have Nothing’, the urge to get up and dance called when ‘I’m Every Woman’ and further chipper songs were performed.

A surprise medley of classic Whitney songs that aren't in the actual film, clever slow-motion scenes and some nifty dance moves from Rachel's son Fletcher, gave me more reasons to state that I enjoyed the show more the second time around than when I saw it in the West End a couple of years back.

What would you change? 
A couple of loud bangs at the very beginning - Simply for making me jump out of my skin! 

My rating out of five:

Find out more about The Bodyguard – The Musical, including ticket prices and performance times:
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