Thursday, 11 February 2016

Grab the Remote... For Valentine's Day

Well right now I may be unpartnered, however this doesn't mean that I can't offer my opinion on how to pull off an idealistic evening on the most lovey-dovey day of the year. 


Ditch the fold-away cinema chairs for plumpped-up cushions on the settee at home to enjoy a movie this Valentine's Day.

Whether it is picked out of your own DVD collection, borrowed from a rental store or purchased from a shops display counter, make sure you are wise about your final decision.

Even though the 14th of February is about showing some appreciation for your other half it doesn't have to be expensive. Places such as CEX can be really handy on grabbing a bargain flick, as can websites like Netflix where you can download something from their ever expanding choice.

When you do make your mind up opt for something you will both want to watch.
Still stuck?
Here is a short list of nine releases that I have nothing but good words for...
Lady and the Tramp (Puppy love)
Cinderella (Prince Charming)
Aladdin (Different upbringings)
Classic Feel-Goods:
Dirty Dancing (Holiday bonds)
Greece (High school flirtation)
Pretty Woman (Opposites attract)
Romantic Comedies:
Bridget Jones Diary (Two admirers)
Monster In Law (Clashing with their mother-to-be)
What Happens In Vegas (Making a relationship work)
Now all that's left for you to do is order a takeaway or stop off at your local supermarket for some popcorn, pick and mix, or a family size bar of chocolate.
Then make a pot of tea or pour out a glass of wine.
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