Friday, 22 January 2016

I've Got My Ticket... Bend It Like Beckham – The Musical

Six days into January my family and I travelled London way to see the matinee show of Bend It Like Beckham – The Musical.


Although I had seen the 2002 Parminder Nagra and Keira Knightley film, it was an extremely long time ago. So much so, that I wouldn't be able to tell you when.
Before going I was in two minds about whether booking the tickets was a good idea or not. I was both skeptical and intrigued about what the stage version would result in. So, because of this and that there was a brilliant offer on prices there wasn't much to lose.

 Show Name: Bend It Like Beckham - The Musical
Venue: Phoenix Theatre, London
Performance Dates: May 2015 - 5th March 2016
Starring: Natalie Dew, Lauren Samuels, Tom Millen, Sejal Keshwala (Eastenders)
Musical Director: Nigel Lilley
Natalie Dew
Minutes after scooping through an irresistible McFlurry's ice-cream (I chose Cadbury's Crunchie), we took our seats on the floor of the resplendent Phoenix Theatre. Normally we end up sitting up the top, so it was a little treat being in the stalls.
Brief Information:   
In case you aren't aware of the movies plot it is about a young Indian girl who peruses her goal to become the female David Beckham, whilst going against everything she has ever known.

My Opinion: 
Now my comments on the show...
Not just one, two, or even three cast members stood out for their knack of performing terrifically, but the entire lot. Just five minutes in there was laughter from the audience for the chucklesome scenes that were happening before us all. Glistening ensembles, animated dancing and a whole football pitch of funky and meaningful songs lasted the full two-hours-and-twenty-minutes (including interval) running.

What did you like?
For me, the simple reason that this West End production confirmed family, religion and strong beliefs cannot keep people away from chasing down their dreams.

What would you change? 
The dances were incredibly joyous. Even more of them wouldn't have done any harm.

My star rating out of five:

Find out more about Bend It Like Beckham – The Musical, including ticket prices and performance times:
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