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I've Got My Ticket... Snow White the Pantomime

When I was a little girl and Christmas was either on its way or it had not long passed the one thing unfailingly noted down on the calendar was the yearly Pantomime.  


On every occasion my family and I visited the same place - The Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury.
It is an exceedingly hospitable place to go to and I can remember precisely the usher directing the way to our seats, being treated to an ice-cream and taking home a copy of the programme on that specific production.
Show Name: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Venue: The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury
Performance Dates: Friday 27th November 2015 - Sunday 10th January 2016
Starring: Rita Simons, Phil Gallagher, Lloyd Hollett, Ben Roddy, Katie Monks, Ben Carruthers
Produced by: Paul Hendy and Emily Wood

Brief Information: 
Whether it is by reading the fictional book or through seeing one of the multiple films that have been made this is an outright representative for a fairytale story.

“Mirror! Mirror on the wall! Who is the fairest of them all?” are the famous words spoken by the pitiless Queen of the Kingdom to her wall reflection. She was more than happy to hear repeatedly that she was the ruling beauty, until the moment came when its response was with another name - Snow White.

Defined by her rouge lips, pale soft complexion and bouncy hairstyle, Snow White was her majesty's only competition and she wanted get rid of her step-daughter. Believing that her rival was no longer alive, her highness continued with her life. 

The vital characters of the seven dwarfs soon discovered Snow by the quaint cottage that they resided at. She took gratification in caring for each of her new friends and they vowed that she would always have a home with them.

It was not long before the Queen was informed that there was still someone prettier than her close by. She took a ruby red apple and in disguise tempted Snow to take a bite of the poisonous fruit, which then sent the unfortunate young soul into a deep sleep.

"And they lived happily ever after" is what we all await the line of, and this was what happened for Snow when she was awoken with a kiss from Prince Charming.

My Opinion: 

This staging comprised of laughter, dancing, singing, plus an assemblage of quirky costumes.
Cbeebies Phil Gallagher, comedian Lloyd Hollett and panto-expert Ben Roddy individually achieved keeping me distracted, just like they did last year. As for Eastenders' actress Rita Simons, she also seemed right at home playing the villain.

All of the cast, including those in the background managed to pull off more than two and a half hours of utter amusement. There were some slight alterations to the initial story, such as a change of name for the dwarfs and an appealing 'We Are the Seven' replacing their song 'Heigh-Ho'. These however didn't take away any of the fun that you would expect to have and could actually be considered as improvements.

Hold your breath scenes that aren't in your conventional panto were an extra, one was the use of 3D-glasses in the second half.

What did you like?
The artistic layout on stage, the funky cover songs and video footage of recognized television faces all impressed me (and my family, counting my niece). I was in hysterics at the comedy that Ben Roddy's role of Nurse Nellie brought forward. He seemed to have a significant influence on other members of the audience too when the cackles of elder attendees could be heard over the top of the giggling children many had as their company.

What would you change?
If I had to be picky it would be swapping one of the tracks played with another. That's it!

My star rating out of five:
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