Thursday, 17 December 2015

Grab the Remote... December - Christmas Day

With just over one week until Christmas (yippee!) last Saturday I felt that it was time to get a pen and mark in the TV guide what to watch on Friday the 25th of December 2015.

Luckily, my parents and I are fond of the same programmes.
On the day we will have to hit the 'record' button on a couple of things as there is the issue of shows overlapping with each other.

I think that there is a praiseworthy selection scheduled to be aired on the telly.
Though, the power switch won't be getting flicked on until 2pm - When our first thing starts.

This bloke continues to make me giggle. He is one of those people that you hope is as nice as he is on-screen away from the cameras. Aside from the humour what keeps me captivated is that there is usually at least one celebrity that I want to see Alan interview, which typically includes them spilling the gossip over a beverage.

Line-up: Catherine Tate's Nan, Keith Lemon, Lorraine Kelly, Emma Willis and Marvin Humes, Gogglebox's Steph and Dom, Samuel L.Jackson, John Bishop, Little Mix and One Direction.
When: Friday 25th December @ 9pm.
Channel: Channel 4.

If you're similar to me and the sight of a cinema advert for a new animation fills you with glee, then you have to make time for this one in particular.

Merida, a young Scottish royal would rather be engaged in her hobby of archery than meeting the three men who will be fighting for her hand in marriage. This leads to an almighty row with her mother. What the teenager decides to do next will have substantial consequences and test the relationship she has with her female parent to the limit.

Here is a film that both adults, children, and every age in between should enjoy.
When: Friday 25th December @ 3:10pm.
Channel: BBC1.

3.) Call the Midwife
Although this is the fifth series, I only began watching this drama that was formed from a book, after seeing the 2014 Christmas special. The cast, which includes the witty Miranda Hart, are exceptional in acting out what it was like for the midwives working in the time of the 1950's.
When: Friday 25th December @ 7:30pm.
Channel: BBC1.

4.) The Queen
To me catching her majesty's speech is compulsory. It is fascinating being reminded of all that has happened throughout this year, bad and good.
When: Friday 25th December @ 3:00pm.
Channel: BBC1.

Half a dozen of contestants and winners from past series take to the dance floor to sashay again. Joining some of the professionals for a twirl include model Abbey Clancy, TV presenters Alison Hammond and Lisa Snowdon, former royal marine medic Cassidy Little, actor Tom Chambers and, wait for it... McFly's Harry Judd! (claps with approval).
When: Friday 25th December @ 6:15pm.
Channel: BBC1.

The one dog that I had was from a rescue centre. I will never understand why on earth some people believe that it is okay to mistreat any animal, so witnessing these furry canines at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home being given a loving family to live with makes me feel elated.
When: Friday 25th December @ 5:00pm.
Channel: ITV1.

What are you planning on watching?

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