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Bargain Buys... Useful Websites For Freebies

To me, there is nothing more satisfying than coming by an item that is cheap and cheerful, or even better - free. 

As they say "One persons trash is another person's treasure" and I clearly believe this.
There are many of times where I have gone into a shop and they have had a sale on their clothes, the product has been marked down and then I look at the label.
It isn't anywhere near my size.
Well, I wouldn't swap any of my pennies for something that is no use to me.

On the other hand food or pieces of jewellery are two suitable examples that can be given to a relative or friend as a gift if they have been way too good to leave on the shelf.

Most weeks people are dumbfounded by what I have managed to obtain at no-cost - zilch.
And this leads me to the following picture...

Apart from the little decoration on the left, ALL that you can see above was obtained without using my money, but simply by visiting these various websites:

Even though I have subscribed to their daily newsletter I try to go on this website from Monday to Sunday anyhow. They advertise where you can pick up things with no need to exchange money for them. Also publishing offers elsewhere and holding regular competitions are other benefits from them.
Obtained: Make-up and perfume samples, washing and dishwasher tablets and bottles of coca cola.
(Pictured: Nivea Soft Refreshingly Soft Moisturising Cream 25ml tub / GHOST Girl Perfume 1.5ml bottle / Estee Lauder iMatch foundation 6ml bottle - Redeemed with a voucher at Debenhams)
If you buy The Sun newspaper every day it is really worth knowing that by entering the codes from each copies back page on their website  you can get discounted tickets for UK attractions, free entry to preview cinema screenings, half-price offers, enter competitions. The list goes on...
Obtained: Shrek's Adventure! London tickets. (The P&P cost is all that you had to cover). / x3 children's magazines that were worth £3.00 each.

O2 Priority:
Obviously this is only of use to you if the network provider you are with is O2. As well as being able to book event tickets for O2 venues 48 hours before their general release to the public they hold giveaways, deductions on prices for days out and PLENTY of products free of charge. You have to claim these in the listed store (some may not have a location near you).
Obtained: Skylanders Giants Battle Pack with the RRP price of £19.99 from GAME.
 (Pictured: Disney Star Wars Chupa Chups x10 lollipop bag / Milk chocolate coins 60g net / WHSmith Figgy Puddings, Robins & Trees Charity Christmas Cards - Pack of 30 with envelopes.)

Teenagers can safely bid on any of these online auctions if they have enough points for that specific object. And if not, there are many ways of having fun through collecting them by clicking on the 'EARN' tab. You will soon be able to use these and start placing your number quantity, plus you can also get more on your score by listing your own unwanted possessions to sell.
Obtained: CD albums by The Vamps, One Direction and Little Mix / Top of the Pop's magazines.

Super Savvy Me:
I am sure that just by heading over to the homepage, you will find something that appeals to you.
Aside from the advantages of supplying money-off coupons, they have prizes to win and the opportunity to test out newly-released products.
Obtained: Full size bottles of popular branded shampoo and conditioner.

Disney Movie Rewards:
DVDs for free? Yep! Every time you purchase a Disney film, CD or game there should be a promotional flyer inside the case that will have a website printed on it. Sign up there for free, enter your unique code that is also on your included piece of paper and follow the instructions. Each code is worth points and once you start building them up you can begin ordering some new products without spending a thing.
Obtained: A dozen DVDs.
(Pictured: Disneys Cinderella DVD).

Hopefully I have succeeded in keeping you interested and taught you how to save without having to wait and rely on just the sales. 

Remember if what you have bagged is no help to you, it may be for another human being that you know. It is so easy to make a gift hamper with food, drink, lotions etc by placing them in a decorated plastic punnet or shoebox. The best bit is that these work as Christmas, Birthday, Easter and Thank-you presents.

Is there anything else you would like to add? 
Have you ever got something for nothing?
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