Sunday, 1 November 2015

Taking A Trip To... The Retreat Animal Rescue Centre

Up until a few days ago I had absolutely nothing at all planned for Halloween.

Then out of the blue, my friend Claire invited me along to a fundraising event at The Retreat Animal Rescue Centre in High Halden, Kent.

Claire is one the few volunteers who helps out when she has the chance to.
She had told me about this place before and I had shown an interest in going one day, so I was looking forward to the 31st of October.

The shelter has saved the lives of an enormous quantity of different animals.
Goats, sheep, cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys and ducks are the farm-type ones that I noticed at first glance. There was donkeys, horses and ponies to welcome you too. Some of the old or feral and FIV cats that may have not passed behaviour tests to be re-homed are, I am pleased to say, not refused a space here. The same goes for dogs.

One of these was a tombola table that was in aid of another good cause, the South East Dog Rescue & Rehabilitation who, again aim to protect animals of the furry kind and find new homes for them as well.

As you could guess, there was plenty of sweet offerings available, including a variation of gluten-free cupcakes, with the addition of home-made hummus and grated carrot bread rolls. 
Hot food was also served and this was all promised to be of the vegan sort.

Drinks, a tour of the site and prepossessing flower headbands were other parts of the 2-5pm do.

Overall, I had a fantastic afternoon. 
I was utterly impressed by the dedication and politeness of all of the volunteers, and the certainty that they are giving so many animals a right to still have an existence on this earth
- no matter what their problem is.

If you would like to volunteer yourself, make a sponsor or donation, or simply buy something from the teams wish list, please head along to their website:
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