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I've Got My Ticket... The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2

"May the odds be forever in your favour" 

is bound to be a line that you have heard slip from someone's mouth since 2012. 

If not, then you are one of the very few people who hasn't heard of the worldwide phenomenon that is The Hunger Games. 

Film Name: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2
Release Date: 19.11.15
Director: Francis Lawrence
Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Elizabeth Banks
Running Time: 137 Minutes
Certificate: 12A
Brief Information: 
Similar to other blockbusters, it was an exceptionally talented author who was behind the making of the three installments of The Hunger Games. American writer Suzanne Collins first book on the soon-to-be film was published in 2008.

Capturing attention of readers globally was the gripping introduction of a 16-year-old girl, Katniss Everdeen (played by Jennifer Lawrence).

Previously known as North America, but now renamed ‘Panem’ is where twelve districts are divided around. For the upcoming seventy-fourth annual Hunger Games one boy and a girl must be picked at random to enter an arena and individually fight against each other, plus two youngsters from separate districts to stay alive, and escape as the champion of this horrific ‘game’.

When the most dramatic thing happens and Prim, the younger sister of Katniss, is the name that gets taken from a lottery-inspired draw to be the female participant in the playing field, she promptly demands to take her place.

Peeta Mellark is who accompanies Katniss in the televised competition and after, the TWO of them finish with both of their hearts still beating.

With every film comes a villain and, this one’s is President Snow. Along with his swarm of soldiers, this unpleasant personality will not stand for peace to ever surface.

In the following segments Katniss is forced to relive her original frightening experience and at this stage she is still a survivor to the disapproval of the male leader. Seen as an inspiration by most, this young but wise female’s aim is to help all of the districts show bravery and stand up so that violence is no more.

My Opinion: 
My dad and I have bonded over this series since the emergence of it and like before, we were rushing to the cinema to catch it. In the screening
 along with my eyes being firmly glued to the monitor I also did not move from my seat - very rare, when I usually need to use the toilet.

I hadn't read the last book which meant that I had absolutely no idea about the final half, except from one thing. The cliffhanger it was left on in part 1 was that Peeta had been tortured so much that he was convinced Katniss was behind all of the chaos that had been caused. This hurt Katniss terribly, along with everything else bad that had occurred, so she set out to finish what President Snow had started.

What did you like?
It was a relief that Peeta began to get his real memories back and that the troop were all together once again. The twists and turns were surprising and all that I wouldn't have guessed would develop. On numerous of occasions I found myself gritting my teeth at the manifold of enthralling scenes, like when I saw if Snow would get his 'just deserts.'

What would you change?
Cruelty is one thing that I see no reason for, but obviously this wasn't going to be something that the director couldn't steer clear of. It wasn't horrendous and the special effects were incredible.

My star rating out of five:

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