Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Grab the Remote... November

 I wouldn't necessarily say that I am a couch potato, but I do switch on the television at night and tune in to something that I find entertaining.

Sometimes deciding on what to watch can be troublesome, especially when there is a lot on at the same time (thank goodness for the recorder box). Then stages pass by when there is not a single thing on, apart from repeats, or screenings that would have that affect on me to yawn. 

 So, depending on what kind of mood I am in, (or what is due to broadcast at that minute), I want to report what I had on my electronic screen over the last four weeks.

One human being who is seeking love, with five menu's to choose from. Simple. Either a single male or female person narrows the food plans that they are presented with down to three, and these are the people they will go on a date with (before even seeing them). 

The trio of individuals slave over a hot stove to prepare and cook a starter, main and dessert for their guest, then they meet at their house and whatever happens next is unknown until they greet one another. 

After, each 'chef for the evening' rates the other same person out of three stars. Then, at the end the woman or man confirms who they would like to see again for another date.

I like it when before the finishing titles, you find out who is still single and who is dating. It is quite rare when the end pair start a relationship, however it is impressive when they do.
When: Weekdays @ 8:30am and 1:40pm.
Channel: ITV2.

2.) Gogglebox
I will keep it short and sweet because this show requires little explanation on what its all about. When the first season had aired I persuaded my parents to watch this with me and we have all been laughing our heads off to it ever since.

A selection of families that are located in different cities around the UK all sit down to watch the same programme, while we watch them and their reactions. Still not sold on it? - Just give it a chance. You will not regret it!
When: Fridays @ 9:00pm.
Channel: Channel 4.

Okay, so I admit that I never usually bother with this programme, yet when I caught the advert for the new series start date I flicked channels to see what it was like. I wasn't overall won over by the first episode, but it didn't stop me from avoiding the second week... or the next.

The eleventh series returns where 18 aspiring entrepreneurs have to prove their worth in a variety of tasks to reach the end of a twelve-weeks time scale. Each week one person will get fired, but whoever is left at the end and takes first place will win a valuable investment, then go into professional work with business expert Lord Alan Sugar.
When: Wednesdays @ 9:00pm.
Channel: BBC1.

Even though I don't have Sky that doesn't prevent me from skipping back to the 90's (and the noughties decade) to have a giggle at the absorbing plots that take place in the Spellman's house. I have three out of the seven seasons on DVD to pick and choose which one I want to sit back and watch.

Half-mortal, half-witch Sabrina gets a major shock on her 16th birthday by her Aunts Hilda and Zelda. Not only has this teenager got to get used to the fact that she has magical powers, but how to control them too - or she could land herself in a serious amount of trouble.
When: Everyday at various times.
Channel: PopGirl.

During my childhood years I used to be intrigued by Nick Knowles and his determined team who fight through every obstacle to give someone in need a new home. 

Most recently there was a good deal of coverage on their two-part specials: Homes for Veterans. The normal faces of the show were supported by countless of volunteers who did some hard graft to transform a WHOLE street of houses (a total of sixty-two properties) for ex members of the army.

Princes William and Harry must have been eager to see with their own eyes if the humongous build would go to plan as they paid a very royal visit in part 1.
When: Stages throughout the year.
Channel: BBC1.

5.) Matilda
When this film was released in 1996 I hardly took my eyes off of it, and when my mum and I stuck it in the DVD player not long ago this hadn't changed at my older age.

Matilda is dealt with possibly the most careless parents in the world and a horrid school principle, but its not all bad. This young girl soon figures out how clever she really is and with the help of her class teacher, Miss Honey, she can start smiling for good reasons.
Available to buy from a supermarket near you.

Have you watched any of these?

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