Thursday, 19 November 2015

Bargain Buys... My Dressing Table

A little while ago I was seriously thinking about redecorating my bedroom.

Each of my walls are either painted in a light shade of pink or in white.
I had grown a bit bored of all the pink accessories that I had and wanted to tone it down a bit, without it costing more than what was in my purse at that time.

So, stepping away from the idea of a new DIY job, I instead settled on swapping and changing some of the articles in places.

Ebay is a website that I visit daily as I have won the highest bidding on quite a few objects for next to nothing - One of them being this dressing table, which to everyone's astonishment set me back just 99p! All it needed was a lick of paint on the top surface and three new handles on the drawers, which my dad had spare in his workshop.

My chair was a refurbished project that I gave an explanation about in a previous post.
The elegant jewelled cushion upon it was bought from Primark three years ago for £4. 


Having a main area that your attention gets pulled towards is what I think every room should have.
Although mine is the section where my dressing table is positioned, you could accentuate another by adding fairy-lights to a headboard or mirror, or wallpapering one wall, whilst the others are kept plain. Gathering an assortment of patterned pillows is a further option.

The sight of a candle seems to influence a homely feel, which is why I got this vanilla-scented one from the 99p Store. The accompanying piece next to this is a stone off of one of Gambia's beaches. My parents decided to bring it back as a little souvenir for me when they holidayed there last year.

As I mentioned in my first post McFly are my absolute favourite band.
I waited over seven years to meet them properly and now own a collection of photo's either with, or of them.
The full lot are displayed together in a separate frame, but my most treasured ones are in this love heart frame that came from the Poundstretcher for £2.50.
A logo pin badge priced at £3.00 from one of their past tours is kept in front.

'Smile and the world smiles with you' is what my little wooden sign reads that I also got from the 99p Store.
Behind this uplifting inclusion is a bowl obtained from Wilkinson's.
It is a clear purple round shape that has a mixture of bits and bobs in, such as jewellery, Danny and Tom from McFly's used plectrums, beside Taylor Swifts!
An authentic one dollar note (I heart America), shells from Egypt, a Hello Kitty figure and the outline of a 'T' for my name remain here too.

 You can never have enough smellies! And these are mine.
I don't have a preference as they all offer a ravishing fragrance. 
Along with an Eiffel Tower pendant that I took off of a necklace, a striking shell and a picture frame 
(I have had this for years) showing my appreciation yet again for America are in this arrangement as well.

It can be the table in your bedroom or the study, but what does yours have on it?
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