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Reserve at the Library... Dream a Little Dream by Giovanna Fletcher

Book Name: Dream a Little Dream
Release Date: 18.06.15
Author: Giovanna Fletcher
Brief Information: 
Twenty-something Sarah feels like a total underachiever. Although she has a good job, it seems that the chance of pigs flying is more likely to happen than her getting a promotion from the nonchalant boss that she works for. This combined with her mother being persistently on her case, Sarah does have an awesome group of friends to turn to, including housemate Carly and, erm, her ex-boyfriend who is joined at the hip with his girlfriend. 
Soon, to Sarah's delight about something exciting occurring in her life, a striking man begins to pop into her visions each night when she is asleep. But when she discovers that this charming person is actually a blast from the past when he wanders into her ‘real’ world, will this be the bit of good luck that Sarah has been longing for?

My Opinion: 
Having already read (and being drawn into), two of writer Giovanna’s past publications, I was enthusiastic about nose-diving into another one.

Like me, you can become one of the gang on the regular pub quiz outing, smile at getting introduced to the latest family arrival, have a tear when a misfortunate event takes place for a pal and keep quiet about things her mum just really does not need to know about. Then, uncover secret affairs and accept a rather awkward wedding invite. Though, Sarah’s new love-life situation may make dealing with things a bit easier.

What did you like?
Giovanna has an exceptional imagination in succeeding with covering a whole lot of tricky situations. She creates a kick-ass leading character, of whom goes onto proving that any lady is capable of finding the man of their dreams.

What would you change?
This is strictly based upon the fact that I wouldn’t alter anything that takes place in the story, I would say that the book could have had a few less pages, as they were not needed in creating a splendid ending.
My star rating out of five:
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