Friday, 9 October 2015

Introductional Post... 5 Facts About Me

5 Facts About Me:

Seeming as this is my very first published draft I decided to focus it on telling you some random (and slightly amusing), truths about myself.

1.) The American Dream.
Even though I visited Florida about eleven years ago now I have always had a desire to travel around the USA. I am not sure if this was influenced from when I was growing up and becoming familiar with the various locations that were used in multiple well-known films, but I absolutely adore many of the different states.

The places that I would particularly like to spend time in are: California (Hollywood!), San Fransisco (Golden Gate Bridge), Texas, Washington, D.C (The White House), Tennessee, Las Vegas and New York.

 2.) It's Christmaaas!
Whether its putting up the tree, gazing at the sparkling decorations on buildings, tucking into the utmost glorious food or chilling out to watch a seasonal movie this is definitely my selected favourite time of the year. Catching up with family relatives, dancing around to jolly tunes and having a stocking waiting for me on the special day also put a massive grin to my face during this festive time.

3.) My Chosen Rental DVD.

Plain and simple. The Holiday is a film that I never tire of watching. Not only do I like that the story is during the Christmas period (yes, I know, I know), and that it is set in the whereabouts of Los Angeles and Surrey, but the story is just heart-warming. Plus, this flick stars a few of my most-liked actors including Cameron Diaz and Jack Black.

4.) The Greek Land. 
What a stunning part of the world this is. I have been fortunate enough to holiday over at a large number of this countries islands - Skiathos, Athens, Rhodes, Kos, Santorini, Cyprus, just to name a few. The scenery, the locals and their cuisine are three of the things off of the top of my head that I appreciate each time I go.

5.) McFlying.
No matter if this sounds a tad silly, but this band have made such a beneficial impact on my life. Since 2004 their music and awesome personalities have helped me enormously, which this is why I continue to support each of the four members to this day.

Along with 27 concerts I have also had some of the best moments going to 4 McFly signings, 3 meet and greets and 2 radio station events.

(I have always had a soft spot for Danny♥)
Okay. So now you know a bit about the person behind the words. 
Now, I would be delighted, as well as very interested, to be presented with facts about you.
Coming soon: I will be following up this post with 5 more facts.
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