Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Get the Toolbox... Chair

I have been searching for a nice chair to go under my dressing table in my bedroom for a while now, but then I stumbled upon this perfect match.

The classic shape and vintage appearance really drew me to this piece. Originally the chair had a dark brown colour, but as my bedroom furniture is mostly all white I thought I would try and give this the same finish.

After giving it a light sand over I added an undercoat of white. I wanted the final look to be of the rustic kind, which meant not fully covering every single sign of the first shade.

Pillow: Primark.

Once the paint had dried I added a top coat of white gloss and then did another light sand over. After adding a fancy pillow I was as Pleased as Punch with the completion.

Have you had any transformation projects of your own?
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