Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Get the Toolbox... Chair

I have been searching for a nice chair to go under my dressing table in my bedroom for a while now, but then I stumbled upon this perfect match.

The classic shape and vintage appearance really drew me to this piece. Originally the chair had a dark brown colour, but as my bedroom furniture is mostly all white I thought I would try and give this the same finish.

After giving it a light sand over I added an undercoat of white. I wanted the final look to be of the rustic kind, which meant not fully covering every single sign of the first shade.

Pillow: Primark.

Once the paint had dried I added a top coat of white gloss and then did another light sand over. After adding a fancy pillow I was as Pleased as Punch with the completion.

Have you had any transformation projects of your own?
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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Reserve at the Library... Dream a Little Dream by Giovanna Fletcher

Book Name: Dream a Little Dream
Release Date: 18.06.15
Author: Giovanna Fletcher
Brief Information: 
Twenty-something Sarah feels like a total underachiever. Although she has a good job, it seems that the chance of pigs flying is more likely to happen than her getting a promotion from the nonchalant boss that she works for. This combined with her mother being persistently on her case, Sarah does have an awesome group of friends to turn to, including housemate Carly and, erm, her ex-boyfriend who is joined at the hip with his girlfriend. 
Soon, to Sarah's delight about something exciting occurring in her life, a striking man begins to pop into her visions each night when she is asleep. But when she discovers that this charming person is actually a blast from the past when he wanders into her ‘real’ world, will this be the bit of good luck that Sarah has been longing for?

My Opinion: 
Having already read (and being drawn into), two of writer Giovanna’s past publications, I was enthusiastic about nose-diving into another one.

Like me, you can become one of the gang on the regular pub quiz outing, smile at getting introduced to the latest family arrival, have a tear when a misfortunate event takes place for a pal and keep quiet about things her mum just really does not need to know about. Then, uncover secret affairs and accept a rather awkward wedding invite. Though, Sarah’s new love-life situation may make dealing with things a bit easier.

What did you like?
Giovanna has an exceptional imagination in succeeding with covering a whole lot of tricky situations. She creates a kick-ass leading character, of whom goes onto proving that any lady is capable of finding the man of their dreams.

What would you change?
This is strictly based upon the fact that I wouldn’t alter anything that takes place in the story, I would say that the book could have had a few less pages, as they were not needed in creating a splendid ending.
My star rating out of five:
Find out more about Giovanna on her official website:
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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Time to Take a Visit to... Oxfordshire

Exploring new destinations is something that I take great delight in doing.

Along with an ever-growing list of countries that I would like to take a plane ride over to, there are many of places around the UK only a few hours drive away which I would like to stroll along the pavements of, catching sight of their local attractions as I do so.

With my parents new purchase of a motorhome we can now easily take advantage of packing up a bag of things and hitting the road to somewhere different from our usual environment, and this time we all decided on a weekend in Oxfordshire.

 Following our Friday night arrival we awoke on Saturday morning to carry out our plans for the day, of which started with catching the Park and Ride to the town's City Centre. Looking very alike Cambridge, it boasted plenty of historic buildings, as well as a good quantity of fetching shops (I was absolutely thrilled to spot that they had a Primark!)

most people I think highly of an appealing bit of cake, so when I came across The Cake Shop with an array of heavenly options I just had to pop inside. 
Whether you just fancy a delicious snack or are in-a-pickle over an upcoming birthday or wedding gift, then I would suggest browsing their website.

Grabbing a McDonald's ice-cream sundae, counting the everlasting number of vintage bicycles that are matched with the wicker baskets (I need one in my life!) and buying a couple of sale items in Primark were the final things we did before going back to the motorhome.

On the following day, before returning home, mum, dad and I bought entrance tickets into Blenheim Palace. The virtual tour is the brilliant approach that they welcome you with for discovering all that there is to know about this World Heritage Site. 

Combined with this 18th-Centurary-structure that was put together as a present for John Churchill, (and is Winston Churchill's birthplace) is acres of land, a gift shop and a café.

I particularly liked the pretty Rose Garden, and the fact that you can upgrade to an annual pass for free is even better. We are undoubtedly going again next year.

Top: Reduced to £1 | Dress: Reduced to £2.
Both from Primark.
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Friday, 9 October 2015

Introductional Post... 5 Facts About Me

5 Facts About Me:

Seeming as this is my very first published draft I decided to focus it on telling you some random (and slightly amusing), truths about myself.

1.) The American Dream.
Even though I visited Florida about eleven years ago now I have always had a desire to travel around the USA. I am not sure if this was influenced from when I was growing up and becoming familiar with the various locations that were used in multiple well-known films, but I absolutely adore many of the different states.

The places that I would particularly like to spend time in are: California (Hollywood!), San Fransisco (Golden Gate Bridge), Texas, Washington, D.C (The White House), Tennessee, Las Vegas and New York.

 2.) It's Christmaaas!
Whether its putting up the tree, gazing at the sparkling decorations on buildings, tucking into the utmost glorious food or chilling out to watch a seasonal movie this is definitely my selected favourite time of the year. Catching up with family relatives, dancing around to jolly tunes and having a stocking waiting for me on the special day also put a massive grin to my face during this festive time.

3.) My Chosen Rental DVD.

Plain and simple. The Holiday is a film that I never tire of watching. Not only do I like that the story is during the Christmas period (yes, I know, I know), and that it is set in the whereabouts of Los Angeles and Surrey, but the story is just heart-warming. Plus, this flick stars a few of my most-liked actors including Cameron Diaz and Jack Black.

4.) The Greek Land. 
What a stunning part of the world this is. I have been fortunate enough to holiday over at a large number of this countries islands - Skiathos, Athens, Rhodes, Kos, Santorini, Cyprus, just to name a few. The scenery, the locals and their cuisine are three of the things off of the top of my head that I appreciate each time I go.

5.) McFlying.
No matter if this sounds a tad silly, but this band have made such a beneficial impact on my life. Since 2004 their music and awesome personalities have helped me enormously, which this is why I continue to support each of the four members to this day.

Along with 27 concerts I have also had some of the best moments going to 4 McFly signings, 3 meet and greets and 2 radio station events.

(I have always had a soft spot for Danny♥)
Okay. So now you know a bit about the person behind the words. 
Now, I would be delighted, as well as very interested, to be presented with facts about you.
Coming soon: I will be following up this post with 5 more facts.
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